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Gain Essential Active Directory Skills for Windows Network Management

What you will learn

System Administrators who are responsible for managing and maintaining the Windows Servers

Network Engineers who are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining network infrastructure, including servers.

IT Managers who manage IT teams and are responsible for overseeing the overall IT infrastructure within an organization

Security Professionals who maintain the security of the organization’s IT systems

Helpdesk and Support Staff who provide support to end-users, such as troubleshooting and resolving issues related to Active Directory

Anyone who wants to learn about Active Directory


Mastering Active Directory: Manage and Optimize the Network is an essential course for IT professionals responsible for managing, administering, and maintaining Windows-based networks. Active Directory is a vital component of network management, and this course provides a comprehensive overview of the features and capabilities of Active Directory, from installation and configuration to troubleshooting common issues.

In this course, you will learn how to manage Active Directory objects such as users, groups, and computers, configure and manage Group Policy, and manage Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), You will also gain valuable skills in Active Directory security, troubleshooting, and best practices for efficient and effective network management.

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Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on lab exercises, you will gain practical experience working with Active Directory, and learn how to optimize your network for high performance, reliability, and security. Whether you are new to Active Directory or looking to deepen your knowledge and skills, this course is an essential resource for IT professionals seeking to master Active Directory and advance their careers in network management.

Overall, this course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Active Directory and its key features and equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage and optimize their Windows-based networks.



About Course


Operating System

What is Operating System ?
Windows Server 2022 OS Editions ?

Windows Server 2022 Features

64 bit OS
Advanced Multilayer Security
Supports Cloud Infra
Hybrid Capabilities With Azure
Improved Server Manager
Supports GUI and CLI OS
Group Policy Management Console
Backup and Recovery
Windows Deployment Service
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Active Directory

Windows Server 2022 Installation

Hardware requirements to Install Windows Server 2022 OS
Different Ways To Install The Operating System
Computer Specifications For Lab and verification
Software requirement
How to download Windows Server ISO image
Download and Install VMWare Workstation
How to create the virtual machine
Installing Windows Server 2022

IP Address

What is an IP Address
What is IPv4
How to assign an IP address theory
How to assign an IP address : Lab
What is a Sub netmask ?


What is a Tolplogy?
Physical Topology
Bus Topology
Ring Topology
Star Topology
What is logical topology
Workgroup Model
Domain Model
Domain vs Domain Controller
Requirements For Domain Controller
Lab overview
Verify if the Server is in Workgroup
Configuring IP address and PDNS
Installing ADDS Full
Promoting the Server to a Domain Controller
Installing Member Server and Workstation
Member Server VS Workstation

User Management | Editing Password Policy

How to do User Management and Edit Password Policy


Account Lock Policy and Restrict Users
Assigning Administrator rights to users
Security Level Permissions
Creating Files and Folders
Removing Default Permissions
User with Read Permission
Shared Folder


Local User Profile
Roaming User Profile
Home Folder


What is FSRM?
Storage Quota Management
File Screening Management
Storage Reports Management

Organizational Unit

What is an Organizational Unit
Delegation LAB

Additional Domain Controller (ADC)

What is an Additional Domain Controller (ADC)
Additional Domain Controller (ADC) Installation

Tree and Forest

What is a Tree
What is a Forest

Active Directory Roles

What Are Active Directory Roles
Transfer Of Roles
Seize Of Roles

Group Policy

Group Policy
Group Policy With Labs
Site Level Group Policy, Modeling & Script
Home Folder with restrictions or Drive Map


Active Directory Trust
Active Directory Trust Lab

Active Directory Partitions

What Are Active Directory Partitions

Global Catalog

Global Catalog

Sites with Lab

Sites with Lab