Master Project Management Fundamentals, Phases, and Best Practices to Lead Projects Successfully

What you will learn

The key phases of the project management lifecycle: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control, and Closing

How to effectively initiate a new project by defining the scope, objectives, and deliverables

Best practices for project planning including creating a detailed project schedule, budget, and resource plan

Tips for successful project execution by managing the team, monitoring progress, and adapting to changes

Techniques for monitoring and controlling projects to keep them on track, address issues, and manage change

Steps for closing out projects smoothly including documentation, obtaining sign-off, and archiving files


This comprehensive course provides a practical framework for mastering the fundamentals of project management. Gain the must-have skills to lead projects successfully as you learn each phase of the project lifecycle in-depth.

The course will first cover the key principles of project management to set you up for success. You’ll then dive into the initiation phase to understand how to start projects off right by defining the scope, objectives, deliverables, and obtaining sponsorship.

Moving to the detailed planning phase, you’ll discover best practices for creating realistic project schedules, budgets, and resource plans. Tips for developing a solid project execution plan will enable you to manage resources and lead your team effectively.

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Monitoring and controlling techniques will help you keep projects on track, handle issues, track progress, and manage change. Finally, you’ll learn the steps for closing out projects smoothly – obtaining sign-off, transitioning the team, documenting lessons learned, and archiving.

Practical examples, templates, and scenarios make the concepts easy to apply to real projects. Take your project management skills to the next level as you master the complete project lifecycle. Whether you’re new to PM or an experienced practitioner, this course will give you the fundamental tools to lead projects successfully every time.



When Project Management is Useful

The Evolution of Project Management
Defining Projects
Benefits of Project Management

Program Definition

Introduction to Program Management

The PMI Framework

Program Definition
The 5 Stages of Project Management
Project Players

The Link to Startegic Plan

The Link to Startegic Plan

Overview : Key to Successs

The Standish Group Chaos Report