this course will cover basic of Windows Server, ESXi & vSphere (vCenter).

What you will learn

Overview of VMware vSphere

VMWare ESXi Hypervisor Installation

VMWare vCenter Hypervisor Installation

Windows 2016 AD Setup

Build Virtual machines

Create VM templates


When you want to become an IT specialist, you have to start with the basics, how they work, what is the use of Virtualization why we use it.

The instructors’ experiences sum up to more than 12 years in total in this field, so you will get all the necessary information that helps you to start your career in the Virtualization world.

We structured the course from the basics of VMWare Workstation Lab.

We have covered all the topics in this course that help you to Understand Virtualization, but yes you should need to practice it.

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As more than 70% of the course contents are practical demonstrations, we highly encourage you to have a test PC to apply and practice to maximize your learning experience outcomes.

please let me know if you want me to upload more videos that you think should be part of this course, I will happy to upload them.

Are you ready to get into this world? Do you want to land your next Job in Virtualization? Here is your key to that, enroll now in this course, and let’s begin the journey.

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VMWare vSphere Lab Setup

VMWare Workstation 17 Pro Installation.
ESXi Hypervisor Installation.
Server 2016 free download and install Part 1
Windows Server 2016 Installation Part -2
Active Directory role Installation & connect vCenter to domain controller.
vCenter Server Installation
Upload Windows 10 ISO files on ESXi server to Build Virtual Machine.
Create your first Virtual Machine using ESXi hypervisor console
Create your first Virtual Machine using vCenter console.