Develop Inclusive Communication Skills for Effective Dialogue and Respectful Listening

What you will learn

Enhance Inclusive Communication Skills

Develop Strategies for Difficult Conversations

Cultivate Inclusive Language and Vocabulary

Apply DEI Principles in Communication


Join us for an online masterclass and learn how to create an inclusive communication strategy! Get ready to develop effective skills that prioritize inclusivity, foster understanding, and enhance collaboration. We’ll discuss the use of language, cultural context, and an effective messaging approach. Plus, you will get to explore strategies to communicate with a diverse workforce and build relationships across different cultures. Our experienced instructors will also provide tips and best practices on how to create an inclusive workplace environment. Take this masterclass now and learn the fundamentals of inclusivity in communication! #InclusiveCommunication #DiversityandInclusion

This masterclass supports participants to cultivate the courage necessary for having challenging conversations. Participants will be empowered with practical skills to courageously communicate in conversations about overt and implicit equity conflicts. Participants will be invited to try on their new courageous communication skills by role playing scenarios that call for courage in intra-group accountability, leadership power dynamics, and collaborating across differences within a team context. Through learning and practicing courageous communication, participants will be better equipped to effectively intervene when they are called to take action in the face of bias or disparities.

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By the conclusion of the masterclass, participants should feel more confident and be better prepared to initiate difficult conversations and inspirations about equity with courage. Participants will also gain an appreciation for how courageous communication can transform relationships, increase trust, build connection, and foster meaningful inclusion.




Masterclass Overview
Warm Welcome


Inclusive Communication Introduction
Use People First Language
Acknowledge Intersectionality
Make It Accessible
If You’re Not Sure, Ask!
Safe vs. Brave Spaces


Tactical Tips
Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Reflection Questions