How the HCG produced and determine the pregnancy test?

What you will learn

Pregnancy test information

Hormones released during early pregnancy

Types of pregnancy test

More sensitive test and accurate interpretation of test


This course is for general public ,nursing and medical students to gain knowledge related to early pregnancy

woman taking birth control pills or on medication for fertility treatment Self assessment if she is pregnant or not

Main topics include the description which details about the release of hormones in the urine and blood

Further explained by specifying the hormones released during pregnancy, and how the levels doubles every two days and one can detect pregnancy very early even if the woman does not miss her periods.Pregnancy tests results depends upon the hormones released during pregnancy

After how many days one should go for tests after missed period for accurate results The ways to do the test correctly and choose the sample for it

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Also includes the different types of tests including blood and ultrasound. At what circumstances we do blood test for hormones When ultrasound is done for the confirmation of pregnancy ?Β  Will explain about the time taken by the results of the test

It includes important information to avoid false negative test.Can positive pregnancy test be wrong ?

How to diagnose twin pregnancy ,missed pregnancy and ectopic from the HCG levelsΒ  And advantages of the test doing at home more convenient and inexpensive Things to avoid if test is positive and start taking folic acid

when to book appointment with Doctor




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