Salary, chances and challenges: What’s it like to work as a CRM Manager and how to become one? A course by a Head of CRM

What you will learn

What an everyday job of a CRM Manager looks like

The importance of CRM & Email Marketing in a company

The job chances and salary ranges in the area of CRM & E-Mail Marketing

Tips and Tricks for your CV / resume and the interview process for a CRM role


Are you searching for your next challenge? Did you just graduate and wonder in which job area to start? Or did you just found some job adverts searching for a cryptic “CRM Manager” in digital marketing?

I will teach you in this course, what a CRM Manager or Email Marketing Manager does, how the job chances are in this area and how the salary expectations can look like. In a short overview over different aspects of CRM, I show you this in an easily digestible way.

The focus of this course is NOT to teach you every aspect about CRM. In contrary, we will focus on learning WHAT CRM is, HOW it is done, HOW to apply for such a role and WHAT to expect from the day to day CRM and E-Mail Marketing Manager job.

Happy to have you here!





Before we start…


What you will learn in this course

About myself: Why should you listen to me?

Our agenda

What is CRM? A compact overview to give you a basic knowledge.

Examples of CRM & what does CRM at all stand for?

An easy example what CRM can look like

Is CRM something new?

CRM in the Marketing structure

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The goals of CRM

What’s it like to work as a CRM Manager?

Short intro and #1: Checking if your product works!

#2: Your Marketing Calender: The strongest tool of a CRM Manager

#3: Planning and realising a CRM campaign

#4: Report CRM campaigns

#5: Chat with Stakeholders

Needed Skills in the CRM area

Perspectives, salary & challenges

In which types of companies is CRM needed?

What are the opportunities of CRM?

What are the challenges in the CRM area?

How are the average salaries worldwide in this area?

Tips & tricks for your CV & resume when applying in CRM

Examples of Job posts

Applications tips

How I review CVs and what I expect when I ask about the salary expectation



Congrats and thank you for taking this course!