Learn avout some of the more common scams out there

What you will learn

Some of the more current scams out there

How to spot a scam

Techniques to remain safe when online or on the phone

Where to report a scam


In today’s society, it is easy to fall for some scams out there …

  1. Emails that state you have won a prize or the sob story stating the scammer works for a bank and their client died leaving millions in the bank, and they need someone to claim this amount, as they are unable to do it
  2. Telephone calls from various companies or governments stating you owe them money or there is a warrant for your arrest. A robot from a company that calls and it is another language.
  3. Text messages stating you won something, casinos sending text messages with free spins or free money to bet and, to claim your prize, all you have to do is click on the link.

This new and innovative course was designed to help individuals learn how to recognize some of the more common scams out there, so that they can avoid getting scammed. It also teached them about reporting these scams.

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Some of the types of scams the participants will learn about are the following:

  • Telephone scams
  • Email scams
  • SMS / MMS (text messages) scams
  • How to spot a Website that is secure
  • Cloned Websites
  • VPN
  • Where to report a scam
  • Etc.

Lear how to spot these scams and what to do with them.



How to avoid scams

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Email Scams
Scams by Text Messaging
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Trojans vs viruses, VPN and Cloned Sites
How to Spot and Avoid a Scam
Summary and Report Scams