Advanced Technical Analysis to Elevated Your Trading to Maximize Profits and Minimize Loses

What you will learn

Identify and trade advanced technical indicators

Identify and trade advanced chart patterns

Utilize risk management to maximize gains and minimize losses

Take advantage of the phycology of traders in order to gain an edge


Unlock Your Financial Potential: Master the Art of Profitable Trading!

Are you ready to tap into the vast opportunities of the stock market, commodities, Forex, cryptocurrencies, and other tradable instruments? Look no further! This course empowers you with the knowledge and skills of Technical Analysis, the safest and most effective approach to making money in the financial markets.

Imagine having direct access to an experienced market expert who will personally address every single question you have throughout your learning journey. In this course, we go over advanced technical analysis topics that will put you ahead of other trades. We also go over psychology and trading plans to maximize your profits and minimize lossesβ€”one main differentiating factor from trades in their psychology, which we spend a whole week on.

Moreover, we regularly update the course with new and valuable topics, ensuring you stay ahead of the game.

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We have made a previous course on the introduction of technical analysis and trading. Now we bring an even more advanced course for those traders that want a greater edge in the market.

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Charting Software’s and Useful Sites

Week 1: Advanced Technical Indicators

Ichimoku Cloud
Bollinger Bands
Heiken Ashi
Time Segmented Volume (TSV)

Week 2: Advanced Technical Patterns

Elliot Wave Theory
Island Reversal
Wolfe Waves

Week 3: Risk Management

Market Risk
Negative Correlation

Week 4: Psychology

General Trading Tips
Things To Avoid
Loss Aversion