32 Basic Exercises

What you will learn

32 Basic exercises for Women

Preparatory practices before yoga

An introduction to Yoga philosophy

An introduction to Ayurveda


A holistic art for mind and body Yoga involves both breathing and physical poses which is beneficial for mind and body. Completely dedicated for women, Yoga for Women is a course developed and performed by a group of yoga teachers and students from India. This course will introduce you with the basic techniques of yoga that will help to strengthen your mind and body. You will also learn about Ayurveda(The Science of Life) and the tridoshas(the three humours) which deals with the 7 classifications of Women’s body type.

This course will include 32 basic exercises that will benefit in taking up the yogasanas. The course is distributed into micro modules that comprise 10 days basic exercises followed by yogasanas. You can also do these as part of any other exercise or yoga program as a warm up.

Who this course is for

  • Yoga for Women – Level I is beneficial to every woman who aspire to follow a healthy lifestyle in this hustle of modern life. It is helpful to women who want yoga to be part of their daily life.
  • Our course curriculum is different from the conventional system of yoga education as we believe in learning as a continuous process and it has to be given step by step as per the capacity of the student. So this course will be equally beneficial for every women in all age groups.
  • For the independent women who wants to learn yoga from the very basics, literally.. (Join us in our whatsapp group for continuous learning possibilities).


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All you require is to take this course is dedicating 20 minutes each day to practice the lessons your body get prepared for the yoga sessions. You can enroll in this course right now and join our Whatsapp group to get connected and motivated throughout the program. Let’s learn together the easiest and most ancient technique to enhance our mind and body – Yoga.

Goal of this Course

This is a journey together for the next 10 days and a great opportunity to prepare your body and mind for yoga. You will dedicate 10 to 30 minutes everyday for the next 10 days and you decide when to practice this exercise. We invite you to take this as a challenge for your own better future. So when you are ready, we will see you on the other side.





Course Introduction

Day 1

Basic Exercise 1
Basic Exercise 2

Day 2

Basic Exercise 3
Basic Exercise 4

Day 3

Basic Exercise 5
Basic Exercise 6
Basic Exercise 7

Day 4

Basic Exercise 8
Basic Exercise 9
Basic Exercise 10
Basic Exercise 11

Day 5

Basic Exercise 12
Basic Exercise 13
Basic Exercise 14

Day 6

Basic Exercise 15
Basic Exercise 16
Basic Exercise 17
Basic Exercise 18
Basic Exercise 19

Day 7

Basic Exercise 20
Basic Exercise 21
Basic Exercise 22
Basic Exercise 23

Day 8

Basic Exercise 24
Basic Exercise 25
Basic Exercise 26

Day 9

Basic Exercise 27
Basic Exercise 28
Basic Exercise 29

Day 10

Basic Exercise 30
Basic Exercise 31
Basic Exercise 32


Yoga for Women Basic Exercises: Day 1 to 10
Introduction to Pranayama
End of Yoga for Women: Level I