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How to drive engagement and sales for your NFT Collection on Social Media.

What you will learn

How to generate NFT sales from social media

How to build a following and grow a community

How to set and achieve measurable goals and objectives

How to create effective NFT specific audience personas that deliver on ROI

How to audit your existing social channels to improve and grow for the NFT space

How to create an impactful NFT centred social media strategy that delivers ROI

How to batch create content in an easy and efficient way

Go live checklist: Everything you need to know to kick off your NFT social strategy


In this course you will learn how to leverage social channels to increase interest and generate sales for your NFT’s. The content of this course is relevant for NFT collections and 1 of 1’s. We take you through everything you need to understand to build a truly compelling social media presence that creates trust, enthrals NFT collectors and helps you build a dedicated community. Social Media is the ultimate NFT arena and arguably the most important platform for the space. In this course we focus on the social channels driving the most impact right now, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube and of course Discord. The decentralised nature of Web 3.0 works perfectly with the access and voice social media platforms provide users with. NFT collectors value the ability to connect and vocalise their opinions, being a part of that conversation is good, owning it is great!

In this course we break down the strategy and implementation tactics you’ll need to own the NFT conversation, educate people about your collection, build your community and drive sales. This course details the entire strategy creation process including all of the core marketing principles the most successful NFT collections apply to achieve outstanding results. You’ll learn how to batch create your content so it is consistent and easy to manage and scale as you go.

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Introduction & Welcome

What Winners Do Well

What Winners Do Well

The Best Social Channels for the NFT Space

Top Tier Social Channels for the NFT Space

Objectives & Goal Setting

Objectives & Goal Setting



Audience Research & Persona Targeting

Audience Research & Persona Targeting

Audit your Social Media

Social Media Audit

Competitor Research & Positioning

Competitor Research & Positioning

Strategy Creation

Strategy Framework Outline


How to implement your social strategy