Your Date of Birth carries the Message of a Universe & Numerology helps you to Reveal or Decode that message Easily.

What you will learn

Characteristic Analysis with the help of Basic, Destiny and Many More combinations .

Calculation of Major Core numbers used For Predictions

Understanding the Numbers 1 to 9 and their association with Planets.

Predicting the good and bad times in terms of year, months and days

Compatibility between Numbers and Lot More.


It takes a Lifetime to know a Person but with NUMEROLOGY , you can do that in Seconds !!!

You can’t just use astrology conclusively everywhere because you cant ask any person’s date time and place of birth .

But , You can get to know a person’s date of birth way easily.

So , Use that!

Yes! by finding the patterns in date of birth and co relating them with real life events We can indeed predict the characteristics, ups & downs in life and many other things.

Do you know ?

The Wrong Combination of the Numbers in your Date of Birth and Name is a Reason Behind The Constant Failures and Hurdles in your Life. I Will Teach You The Science and Logic Behind Numbers (NUMEROLOGY ) in a very Easy Manner .

In my passionate endeavour to bring back the glory of Indian Numerology I have re-engineered some principles of numerology and have tried to introduce data analytics perspective along with the novice application of astrology in numerology and some new combinations to make predictions more accurate and satisfactory.

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====== WHAT TO EXPECT ======

Learn about the Number Vibrations and their Impact on us, Learn to Guide yourself, friends, family, other people, and even Unknowns!

You’ll learn to Navigate your LifeΒ  Just by knowing your Life Path Number and Psychic Number ; as well as attract PositiveΒ  energy and abundance into your life!

====== WHAT’S INCLUDED ======

Swate’s course is self-paced and completely digital, which means you can go as slow or as quick as you like. The most important component here is to choose the path that feels right for you.

Lets Start This Beautiful Journey Today !

With Love – Swate Rohatge



Numbers and Their Ruling Planet

Calculate of Psychic and Destiny Number
Planets and Numbers
Personality Traits of 1 to 5
Personality Traits of 6 to 9
Lucky Colours & Days
Anti & Opposite Combinations

Introduction To Numerology

Magic of Numbers – Introduction !

Your Name is a Biggest Blessing

Why your Name is a Biggest Gift?
Your Name is Game Changer !

Predictions by Lo Shu Magic Square

Significance of Loshu Square
Why LoShu is considered as Magic Square
Elemental Theory
How to Fill Date of Birth Numbers
Kuan Number & its Relevance
Directions governed by Each Number

8 Most Important Planes

Three Horizontal Planes
Three Vertical Planes
Two Super Successful Planes
Life Path Number Predictions
Psychic Number Predictions

Bonus Lectures for Instant Predictions

Repetition of Numbers 1 to 3
Repetition of Numbers 4 to 6
Repetition of Numbers 7 to 9