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Become an Azure Expert! Learn about Azure Virtual Machines and get started in your Azure Journey. Full Hands-os Course.

What you will learn

Learn about Azure Virtual Machines

How to create Windows or Linux Virtual Machine from scratch

Get familair with different methods of creating virtual machines

Automate Virtual Machine Creation using Azure DevOps YAML Pipeline

Learn to secure the virtual machine againt attacks

Learn advanced security techinics like Azure Bastion to increase VM security level



  • 5 stars, “The explanation is so good! – Ronald E.
  • 5 stars, “Amazing! Loved it.. just what i was looking for. – Kevin Burrowes
  • 5 stars, “Nice pace. Beginner friendly and Detailed. Just what I needed being new to yaml! – Laz Tamimi.
  • 5 stars, “This course is very intersting and amazing. Instructor explain each aspect of Azure Devops in a simple and understandable manner. Thanks for describing each contents in a step by step manner. – Parveen Kumar Rohilla.
  • 4 stars, “Thank you, simply the BEST for the beginner for .Net professional, thank you – Milind Joshi.
  • 4 stars, “Its awesome course, its realy help to daily corporative jobs. – Luiz Fernando Lopes.


Azure is a cloud computing platform and service provided by Microsoft. Azure also offers a range of developer tools and services, including Visual Studio and Azure DevOps, that allow developers to build and deploy infrastructure quickly and easily.

Learning about Azure Virtual Machine is crucial for several reasons:

      – Cloud Computing: Azure Virtual Machine is a cloud computing service, and learning about it can help individuals and organizations understand the benefits and challenges of cloud computing. With cloud computing becoming increasingly popular, knowledge of Azure Virtual Machine can be highly valuable for individuals and businesses.

      – Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS): Azure Virtual Machine is a key example of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), a cloud computing model providing users with virtualized computing resources over the internet. Understanding IaaS is important for individuals and businesses leveraging cloud computing to improve their IT infrastructure.

      – Flexibility: Azure Virtual Machine offers a high degree of flexibility regarding virtual machine size, performance capabilities, and operating system options. Learning about Azure Virtual Machine can help individuals and organizations understand how to configure and manage virtual machines to best meet their needs.

       – Career Opportunities: Azure Virtual Machine is a highly in-demand skill in the IT industry. Learning about Azure Virtual Machine can open up career opportunities in cloud computing, IT infrastructure management, and related fields.

       – Productivity: Azure Virtual Machine allows users to quickly spin up and deploy virtual machines, improving productivity and efficiency in managing IT infrastructure. Learning about Azure Virtual Machine can help individuals and organizations leverage the full potential of this cloud computing service to enhance their productivity.

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We will create a virtual machine multiple times until you get a master of this. During sessions, I explain everything in detail so you will learn the theory while you create a virtual machine.


This is a unique course in which you learn to create, automate and manage a virtual machine.


During the course, I am always available to help you with your questions and perhaps any problems you are facing. This course aims to equip you with enough knowledge to understand the CI/CD concept and familiarize you with Azure DevOps tools. With these, you can create your pipelines in different scenarios and add value to your projects and companies.


I am constantly adding new sessions. I am very open to your feedback, so if you are looking for something or have any suggestions for the lectures, please let me know.




Create a free Azure account
Azure virtual machine
Azure Virtual Machine Architecture

Get started with Azure Windows virtual machines

Create a resource group
Create a Virtual Machine 1
Create a Virtual Machine 2
Create a Virtual Machine 3
Connect to a Windows VM
Cleanup Windows VM resources
Section2 Quiz

Get started with Azure Linux virtual machine

Create a Linux VM
Connect to Linux VM
Cleanup Linux VM resoucres

Deploy Azure Virtual Machine via code

Create a virtual machine using Azure PowerShell
Create a virtual machine using Azure Cloud Shell
Create a virtual machine using Azure ARM templates

Automate Virtual Machines provisioning with Azure DevOps YAML pipeline

Create your first Azure DevOps YAML pipeline
Create a pipeline for VM provisioning
Test the YAML pipeline

Monitor Azure virtual machines

Setup Azure Virtual Machine Monitoring
Create Monitoring Alerts
Create Monitoring Dashboards

Security & Maintenance

Configure Network Security Group
Create Azure Bastion Host