part2- Learn React, Hooks, Redux, React Router, Next.js, Best Practices and way more!

What you will learn

React To do Task

Apply Child Components

Visibility of Completed Tasks

Storing Data


React JS Course Overview

React JS is a popular JavaScript library used to build user interfaces (UI) for frontend applications. React is used to build interactive and reactive user interfaces for web applications, allowing developers to create dynamic and powerful websites and applications. This course is designed to teach web developers the basics of React JS, from data binding to components and styling. You’ll learn how to build modular, scalable components and manage user states. You’ll also cover popular React libraries and the tools used to develop React applications. By the end of this course, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to start building your own applications with React!

What’s in this course?

Module 1: Welcome to React

Module 2: Emerging JavaScript

Module 3: Pure React

Module 4: React with JSX

Module 5: Props, State and the Component Tree

Module 6: Enhancing Components

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Module 7: Redux

Module 8: React Redux

Module 9: React Router

Module 10: React on the Server

Course Prerequisites

1. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript2. Experience with object-oriented programming3. Experience with ES64. Experience with HTML5 and CSS35. Understanding of component-based architecture

You don’t need any prior React knowledge!

This course starts with zero knowledge assumed! All you need is basic web development and JavaScript knowledge (though the course even includes a brief JavaScript refresher to ensure that we’re all on the same page!).




1. React Todo Task Part 01
2. React To do Task Part 02
3. Apply Child Components
4. Visibility of Completed Tasks
5. Storing Data