An exploration into the implications of animism on our scientific understanding of the relationship of mind and matter

What you will learn

Learn why anamism has fallen out of the main stream

Understand what the consequences of animism are to the mathmatical framework of science

Gain tool for analyzing the relationship between mind and matter

Develop techniques for engaging with science in a more meaningful way.


In this course, we will explore the limitations of science in understanding reality by examining its implicit assumption that matter is not living. While science has revolutionized the way we live, it has almost nothing to say about consciousness, spirituality, or happiness. We will delve into why this is so and explore how the concepts of science can be extended to a living universe.

We will re-establish spiritual connections to the basic principles of physics and chemistry, and see that the laws of science are consistent with the concepts of animism. By extending science in this way, we open up the possibility of studying the spiritual and emotional layers of life.

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In addition to exploring the spiritual dimensions of science, we will also examine the social and political implications of these ideas. By touching on Marxist theory, we will gain new tools for understanding cultural revolution and the ways in which science can be used to empower marginalized communities.

Overall, this course offers a unique perspective on the relationship between science, spirituality, and culture. Throughout this course, students will gain a deeper understanding of the limitations of science and the possibilities for extending it to encompass a wider range of human experiences




A history of science and the fall of animism
The Chasm of Infinite Complexity
The Mind Trinity
Fixed Points
The animist approach to materialism