Bread Making Class for All Ages

What you will learn

Student will learn how to make focaccia bread.

Student will learn what ingredients and supplies are needed.

Student will gain confidence in the kitchen.

Student will create a loaf of bread.


A mother and daughter will teach you how to make focaccia bread (and then turn it into pizza) with step-by-step videos using ingredients and tools you probably already have in your kitchen! The class is led by a certified teacher and homeschool mom who loves to bake, garden, and teach others how to do the same. The instructor lives on a micro farm with a large garden, chickens, and goats. The class is designed for all ages and abilities. Focaccia bread is made from just a few ingredients and requires no special tools. The toppings can be changed to make the bread sweet or savory! Focaccia bread is a one bowl recipe that is great for beginners that was originated in Italy. It is still eaten there today! Bread can be intimidating for some. However, this recipe and videos will teach you how to make preservative free bread that can be used for sandwiches, to dip in soup, or as a base for pizza. Your friends and families will be asking for the recipe. They will be very impressed when you share this delicious loaf of bread with them. Don’t be surprised if you are asked time and time again to bring “that bread” to the next gathering with friends or family.

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Course Outline

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Recipe and Background

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Focaccia Bread Part 2

Focaccia Bread Part 2

Focaccia Bread Part 3

Focaccia Bread Part 3