Choosing the best state to form a LLC in USA

What you will learn

Form LLC (Limited Liability Company) super quick for cheap from anywhere in the world

Form LLC (even if you are a US citizen or not) remotely and best for online business

How to get EIN (Employer Identification Number) for your LLC

How to open up a business bank account for your LLC


In this course, I will be talking as an Entrepreneur. My goal is to get you started quickly. I have owned 3 LLCs in the past using different ways. After going through the process 3 times, I have figured what I believe is the best way to form a LLC for anyone- especially if you have an online digital business/amazon business/international business/or even a remote business in a different state.

I will show you the way on how to own a LLC even if you are-


-Work from Home and are self-employed

-Just starting your business

-Already own a business but want to register quickly and cheaply

-A beginner with no clue how to open LLC


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This way will make sure that your taxes are lowest, you get anonymity, you get several other benefits and your LLC gets done within minutes from your laptop.

Again, my goal from this course is not like other courses that are DIY and teach you an entire book of LLC laws.

I want to make sure that as an entrepreneur, your MAIN GOAL should be to focus on your product/service and not spend a TON of time just at this stage. Your main goal should be to sell your service/product and get cashflow as soon as possible rather than spending time to learn laws that you will never need to know. I go through enough information that you really need to know for forming your LLC.

So, let’s get started and form your LLC in the fastest, cheapest (less than $150), most optimal, and the best way possible.



Disclaimer- I am not a lawyer or a professional. This course is based on my experience as an entrepreneur.




Quick overview on LLC and the contents
Long Journey of a Business Owner
My goal as an entrepreneur

LLC Basics

LLC Basics- What is LLC? Why do you need one?
The common myths of LLC ownership
Debunking the myth- who can own a LLC?

Best way to form LLC & What state?

Most common ways to form a LLC in USA
LLC State Taxes in different states
Best state to form an LLC in?

The Action Module- How to form LLC

Important LLC Terminology
The Action Sheet
Form a Wyoming LLC
Optional- you might be asked to fill more details
How to apply for EIN
Articles of Organization and Initial Filing
Business bank account