Live Demonstration-Based Awareness Training Course for You and Your Employees, with Downloadable Course Presentation

What you will learn

Learn about the latest attack vectors and scams cyber criminals are using against employees

Learn with Live Practical Demonstrations like Advance Phishing and Ransomware

Don’t learn but also deliver, use the course content and presentation to deliver awareness session in your company

Learn about how to report a cyber crime in different countries like India, US, UK and AUS etc

Learn about shocking details on risk of using sharing company data on chat apps like whatsapp or signal

Learn how to identify fake or phishing emails without fail


The Cyber Awareness course is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of cybersecurity threats. Through a combination of theoretical instruction and practical demonstrations, this course aims to raise awareness about various cyber attacks and scams while providing effective strategies for prevention and response.

Course Topics:

1. New Phishing Attacks with Live Demonstration of a Real-Life Example:

Students will learn about the latest phishing techniques employed by cybercriminals. Through a live demonstration of a real-life phishing attack, students will gain insights into the tactics used and understand how to identify and avoid falling victim to such attacks.

2. Cyber Espionage and Video Call Corporate Scams:

This topic sheds light on the dangers of cyber espionage and deceptive video call corporate scams. Students will explore the methods employed by malicious actors to infiltrate organizations and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. Practical examples and case studies will be presented to enhance understanding.

3. SIM Swapping and Online Blackmailing Scams:

Students will delve into the world of SIM swapping and the associated online blackmailing scams. They will learn about the techniques used by attackers to hijack mobile phone numbers and exploit individuals for financial gain. Strategies for preventing and responding to such scams will be discussed.

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4. Mechanism to Tackle and Report Scams:

This topic focuses on the various mechanisms available to tackle and report different types of cyber scams. Students will learn about reporting channels, legal frameworks, and steps to take when encountering suspicious activities. Best practices for reporting scams and cooperating with relevant authorities will also be covered.

5. Harmful Effects of Sharing Corporate Data Through Messaging Apps:

Students will understand the risks associated with sharing corporate data through popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and more. The detrimental effects of data leakage and potential compromises to business confidentiality will be explored. Techniques for securely sharing sensitive information will be emphasized.

6. New Generation Ransomware Attack Live Demonstration and Prevention:

This topic provides an in-depth understanding of new-generation ransomware attacks and their devastating consequences. Through a live demonstration, students will witness the techniques employed by ransomware operators. Prevention strategies, including backup protocols, software patching, and user awareness, will be discussed.

By the end of this course, students will be empowered with practical skills and knowledge to recognize and mitigate cyber threats. They will develop a heightened sense of cyber awareness, enabling them to navigate the digital landscape with greater resilience and protect themselves and their organizations from evolving cyber risks.



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