Sales : Most valuable skill in the world.

What you will learn

If you want to increase the conversions you will receive in advertising and sales calls

If you want to successfully close sales calls

if you want to close high priced products without price objection

If you want to learn magic sales techniques that hypnotize the perception of your target audience

If you want to gain a new skill and pursue a professional career in sales


Sales strategies with the most important competence in the world. Regardless of how much your product costs, when you use these techniques you will see an incredible increase in sales of your products or services. These techniques have been gathered over 10 years and over 1 million dollars worth of research by the 500 largest companies in the world.

In fact, you will learn that it is not the price of the product you sell, but the wrong answers to customer objections that prevent you from making sales and how you should respond to these customer objections.

With these techniques, you will demolish the common misconception that a salesperson must be aggressive and learn how to manipulate your customers’ perception in a way that is out of their hands.

You will learn how to close that sale no matter how far away a customer is from your product.

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You will learn how to manipulate the customer’s perception and get them to buy your product by asking the right questions.

You will learn creative sales and marketing techniques and witness how your customers buy your products fast.

You will learn how your customer’s brain works to make buying decisions and how you can increase your sales by applying neuromarketing principles




What you will learn in this course ?
Understanding sales

Perceptual triggers for your customers to make a purchase decision

The power of perceptual marketing (neuromarketing)
1st trigger that leads to a purchase decision
2nd trigger that leads to a purchase decision
3rd trigger that leads to a purchase decision
4th trigger that leads to a purchase decision
5th trigger that leads to a purchase decision
6th trigger that leads to a purchase decision
7th trigger that leads to a purchase decision
Quick summary of all triggers

The art of destroying all your customers’ objections

What techniques will we use to eliminate customer objections?
1st Technique : manipulating price perception
2nd Technique : FAB formula
3rd Technique : 2 Over N formula