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Learn SOLID principles of software design and architecture with Object oriented programming OOP Language C# ,Java etc

What you will learn

Solid principles of OOP object oriented programming for software design and architecture

Single responsibility principle SRP

Open Closed Principle OCP

Liskov substitution principle LSP

Interface segregation principle ISP

Dependency inversion principle DIP

Inversion of Control IOC

Dependency Injection DI

Solid design principles in C# and Java

Solid Principle

Commonly used Software design Principles like DRY ,KISS ,GRASP, single source of truth etc


Solid Principles of OOP Software Design & Architecture | Solid Principles of OOP for Software Architecture & Design

In this course we are going to learn the SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Programming OOP  Software design and architecture, where we will first try to understand :

SOLID Principle was first formulated and motioned by Robert martin in this book  Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices .


What are SOLID Principle S.O.L.I.D

How SOLID principle works in object oriented programming language like  C# and Java with examples

why are solid principles important

How to apply use implement  SOLID principle in real life project and examples.

how to design clean code  using SOLID

Coding of solid principle.

We will also cover all the interview questions getting asked on the SOLID principle

TOPICS covered :

Single responsibility Principle  SRP 

What is single responsibility principle SRP  in object oriented programming language like C# .net and Java with examples.

Why single responsibility principle SRP  are important

Why to use , need of  single responsibility principle SRP

How to use  implement single responsibility principle SRP

Open Closed Principle OCP

What are Open Closed Principle OCP  in object oriented programming language like C# .net and Java with examples.

Why Open Closed Principle OCP  are important

Why to use , need of  Open Closed Principle OCP

How to use  implement Open Closed Principle OCP

Liskov Substitution Principle LSP

What is LisKov Substitution Principle LSP  in object oriented programming language like C# .net and Java with examples.

Why LisKov Substitution Principle LSP   are important

Why to use , need of  LisKov Substitution Principle LSP

How to use implement LisKov Substitution Principle LSP

Interface Segregation Principle ISP

What is Interface Segregation Principle ISP  in object oriented programming language like C# .net and Java with examples.

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Why Interface Segregation Principle ISP   are important

Why to use , need of  Interface Segregation Principle ISP

How to use implement Interface Segregation Principle ISP

Dependency Inversion Principle DIP 

What is Dependency Inversion Principle DIP  in object oriented programming language like C# .net and Java with examples.

Why Dependency Inversion Principle DIP  are important

Why to use , need of  Dependency Inversion Principle DIP

How to use implement Dependency Inversion Principle DIP.

Dependency Injection DI

What is Dependency Injection DI

To use and implement Dependency Injection.

Dependency injection using DI IOC container like unity container

Inversion of Control IOC

what is Inversion of control.

How to use and implement  inversion of control

Difference between Dependency Injection and inversion of control  DI vs IOC

Difference between Dependency Inversion Principle DIP vs Dependency Injection DI  vs inversion of control IOC

Along with above SOLID principle ,we  are also going to see the other most commonly used principles in software engineering/ Information Technology / Computer Science field and  those are :

DRY Do Not Repeat Yourself  principle

KISS Principle  Keep it simple Stupid

GRASP ( General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns ) to some extent in that we will understand Information Expert

Yagni  You ain’t gonna need it.

Opportunity Cost Principle

Big Design Up Front

Rough Design Up Front

Single Source of Truth

Principle of Least Astonishment

All these principle we are going to learn from scratch and learn in the real time project case study example ,we will develop the real life project called Employee Management Portal and we will understand each principle in great detail during coding this Case study.

This case study will help you to develop the design thinking. Our main goal of this case study to make you understand the SOLID principle ,this Case study we will code in oop object oriented programming language like C# ,if you are not aware of C# then also fine ,because we are going to use the concepts which are very common in all programming language, if you know JAVA , JAVASCRIPT , ANGULAR ,REACT , TYPESCRIPT,SWIFT ,PYTHON  then also you can easily follow this course.




Why this Course & Why you should take this Course ?
What is SOLID Principles
Design Smells | Signs of bad design

Case Study

Solid Principle Case Study Project Overview
Case Study Code Setup

Single Responsibility Principle -SRP

Single Responsibility Principle SRP
Define Single Responsibility or Single Reason to change
Case Study Changes for Defining Responsibility
Information Expert Principle-GRASP
SRP Final Checklist for Implementation
SRP Quiz

Open Closed Principle OCP

Open Closed Principle OCP
OCP Checklist | Open close principle checklist
OCP quiz

Liskov Substitution Principle LSP

Liskov Substitution Principle LSP
LSP in Real Life
LSP Checklist
LSP Quiz

Interface Segregation Principle ISP

Interfaces and Abstraction Concepts
Implement Abstraction using Interfaces Part-2
Interface Segregation Principle ISP
ISP Checklist for implementation
ISP Quiz

Dependency Inversion Principle – IOC

Dependency Inversion Principle DIP
Dependency Injection DI
Inversion of Control IOC
IOC-Case Study Changes
DIP Implementation Checklist
DIP Quiz


Summary of Solid Principles
Interview Questions Solid Principle

Common Design Principles of software Engineering

DRY Principle
KISS Keep it Simple Stupid Principle
YAGNI – You ain’t gonna need it
Opportunity Cost Principle
Occam’s Razor Principle
Principle Of Least Astonishment
Avoid Premature Optimization
Rough Design Up Front – RDUF