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To experience the divine within

What you will learn

Students will learn what emotions and attachments are and be able to recognise them

Students will discover the 5 steps to transform their emotions into unconditional love

Students will develop several meditation techniques which can lead to opening of the Heart

Students can begin to live from their Heart and express their unconditional love in service of others


Welcome to the course! From emotions to unconditional love.

This course came about as an inkling to help people who are emotionally stuck in their life, who find it difficult to move past their emotions to live a beautiful life they truly deserve. This course is to show you how anyone can transform their emotions into unconditional love with few simple steps.

By transforming your emotions into unconditional love in 5 simple steps as explained in this course you may be able to live as an expanded version of you. This expansion can show you the way to live a life of peace, tranquillity and serving.

This course includes simple meditation practices which can be carried out anywhere and anytime. By learning these practices and implementing them you can slowly transform your life and see the fruits of your work.

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If you have tried different ways of overcoming your emotions previously and have not been successful, I word urge you to give this course a try as I have personally discovered these practices and have helped in transforming my life and others. I look forward to serving you through this course.

Your Spiritual Coach

Helping you every step of the way..

Smitha Jagadish




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Your Spiritual Coach
Who is this course for?
What are the benefits of this course?
What happens if you miss this opportunity?

5 Steps towards transforming emotions into unconditional love

How to transform emotions into unconditional love?

Step 1 -Emotions

What are emotions?
How to recognise emotions in oneself and of others
Our emotional habits
The patterns

Step 2- Attachments

What is an attachment?
How to recognise our attachments?
Who are we attached to?
Human being
All and nothing
Universal system
What is nothingness?
The illusion
What is transformation?
The false bliss

Step 3-The Work

The beginning
Recognising the Voice of the Universe
Our choice
Follow our Heart
Steps towards becoming unconditional love
Work towards Euphoria
Recognising the problem
The ideal path to god
The tug of war
Give it all
Difference between Enlightenment and transformation
Being nothing- Is it possible?
What is meditation?
White river flow method
Bliss meditation
Opening the Heart Meditation
Light in the heart meditation
Quantum jump meditation
Listening to the Heart meditation

Step 4- Trust

What is Trust?
Who do you trust?
Pure heart
Opening up to eternity

Step 5-Wisdom

What is bliss?
What is unconditional love?
Liberation from our emotions
God is love and love is freedom
Living in the simplicity of the Heart
Living in unconditional love
Serve from your Heart
Speak from your Heart
Wisdom of the Heart


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