Bible Study of the letter of 2 Peter and the lessons individuals can draw from one of the great apostles!

What you will learn

Grow in the knowledge of GOD

Become a mature Believer

Understand how the book fits with other parts of the Bible

Understand who we are in CHRIST

Grow in your relationship with the LORD’s people

Learn key lessons that can be applied to everyday living



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Introduction To The Book Of 2 Peter

Summary Of 2 Peter

2 Peter Chapter 1

Your Indentity
Your Growth Process
Your Growth Tools

2 Peter Chapter 2

How To Recognise False Teachers
False Teachers and The Unstable
Punishment For False Teachers

2 Peter Chapter 3

The End Has Come In One Day Like A Thief In The Night
Your Response To The End Times

Uniqueness Of 2 Peter

Notable Verses

Lessons From 2 Peter

How To Be Effective & Productive
The Power Of Reminders
Character Of The Word
Most Deadly Attack
Use All Medium To Communicate

Business Lesson From 2 Peter

The price of Prosperity!
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