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Revit structural drawing of 15 stories R.C residential building

What you will learn

Structural drawing of 15 stories R.C residential buildings in Revit


Structural drawing of 15 stories residential buildings in Revit. In this course student will begin from zero to expert in structural drawing of all elements (columns, beams, slabs, shear walls, stairs and foundations)ย + draw reinforcement of all structural elements + create structural sheets +ย create BOQย tables. Student through this course will show and the commands needed with structural drawing of a project.

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Revit software

Define units and levels
Draw grids and dimensions
Draw shear walls
Draw columns
Draw retaining walls
Draw beams
Draw slabs and stairs
Draw isolated and strip foundations
Draw mat foundation
Draw column reinforcement method 1
Draw column reinforcement method 2
Draw wall reinforcement
Draw beams reinforcement
Draw foundation Reinforcement
Draw slab reinforcement
Draw structural sheets in Revit and export them to Autocad
BOQ in Revit
Prepare Revit model to export to Robot
Export Revit model to Robot

Total review of Revit

Total review of Revit