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The Journey you have been waiting for

What you will learn

This course will help you to discover who you are

This course will help you to discover the different energies we interact with daily

This course will help you in letting go of your attachments to energies

This course will help you to realise your unlimited potential


This course has been created to help everyone -with an easy and simple way to discover who they are. For those, who are struggling to start on their self discovery path this course is an ideal support system to get started with.

This course has been divided into 10 simple sections, with 56 easy to learn lectures, with beautiful audio/video content to make learning easy for everyone.

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What is the purpose of this course?

  • This course is intended to firstly, help you recognize the journey you are beginning to embark and use this course as a guide in every step of the way till the end.
  • Secondly this course is intended to help you understand the different levels of Being and Energies in you which you may or may not know about.
  • Thirdly it is intended for you to recognize the energies in you and be able to manage them efficiently on daily basis.
  • Subsequently this course will help you in learning practices to reduce the strain and stress we go through in our everyday life.
  • Finally this course acts as a mentor in guiding you daily to arrive at the goal of discovering who you are.

Thank you and enjoy the course!




Introduction- Discover who you are
What you will learn from this course?
Why it is important for you to discover who you are?
What are the benefits of discovering who you are?
What is the proof that you can discover who you are?
What is my promise to you?
What happens if you delay in discovering who you are?
Why is it urgent to discover who you are?

Spiritual Teacher-Smitha Jagadish

Who is a Spiritual Coach?
Your Spiritual Coach

The School for Enlightenment

The purpose of the school

The Main Two Parts of The Teaching

What are the two main parts of the teachings at the school for enlightenment?

Power flow Meditation

What is power flow practice?
Power flow practice- Guided meditation article
Power flow guided meditation video
Power flow full guided meditation practice

Self Discovery

What is Self Discovery?

Levels of Being

What are levels of Being?
Levels of being chart 2
Levels of being chart 3
Level 1 -Body-Growing up
Body-What is a Body?
Level 2-Mind-What is a Mind?
Mind-What disturbs our Peace of Mind?
Level 3-Love-Why do we split Love?
Love- Love in a relationship
Love-Love as One
Love-What is Love?
Level 4-Life-Born as Life
Life-Mother Nature
Life-Full of Life
Life-What is the difference between -Joy, Bliss and Ecstasy
Life-What does living life mean?
Life-What does Eternal life mean?
Life-What is the meaning of Life?
Life-Can we go beyond life?
Life-What does Awakening in Life mean?
Level 5-Light-Light as a tool
Light – Light as Spirituality
Light-Can we give up all our attachments?
Light-How to live in harmony
Light-What is Light?
Light-Why do we have to discover the Light?
What is an Energy Box?
Energy Synthesis-What is Energy Synthesis?
Being-Being a healer
Being -As the ocean
Being-Being as One
Being-Who is a Being?


Liberation-As Space
Liberation-As Emptiness
Liberation-What is Liberation?

Unlimited Potential

What is Unlimited Potential?
Unlimited Potential


Thank you for choosing this course