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A simple way to arrive at peace

What you will learn

In this course you will learn what meditation is and how to prepare for a meditation session

Through beautiful guided meditation you will be able to meditate easily in a simple manner

30 days of enlightenment guided meditation helps you to heal your physical, mental, emotions and spiritual aspects of you

When you listen to the highly energised meditations specifically created for each day of the month it can enhance your productivity and empower you daily

You will learn how a simple meditation can transform your life to a greater good and leave you with inner peace


Welcome to 30 Days of Enlightenment guided meditation -A simple way to arrive at inner peace!

This course is all about meditation! If you have heard about meditation before and always wondered what it is, what it involves and how to meditate, this is the ideal and perfect course for you. You might have tried meditation classes before and might have thought this is not for you or felt it is too slow or felt unmotivated by it, here is another opportunity for you to get involved in a simple and an easy way.

I truly understand how meditation can be frustrating as it requires certain discipline and regularity to manifest its benefits. But there are many ways to approach meditation and not all meditations are the same and can give you a desired benefit. A guided meditation recorded by a person of higher energies, who has meditated over 23 years- spending several thousand hours in accessing the divine energy will have the capacity to transmit, transform and teach meditation to others in a simple way. By staying open and continually tunning into these higher energies, listeners and meditators can enhance their capabilities and enjoy the desired results.

By simply following the 30 days of enlightenment guided meditation in this course, specifically created one for each day of the month you can reap enormous benefits of high energy focused meditation . All you have to do is simply follow the guidance and enjoy the results of deep relaxation, healing, freedom in life and much much more.

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I wish you a beautiful life!

Your Spiritual Coach

Smitha Jagadish




Where can meditation lead us to?
The School for Enlightenment -Mission
What is this course about?
Who is this course for?
What is the best way to approach this course?
What are the benefits of this course?
How to overcome any obstructions in meditation?
Your spiritual coach

30 Days of Enlightenment Guided Meditation

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What is meditation?
Preparation required for meditation
Day 1- Power Flow guided meditation
Day 2- Empty through living guided meditation
Day 3-The essence of questioning guided meditation
Day 4- Observing the truth guided meditation
Day 5- Mirror of consciousness guided meditation
Day 6- Freeing of consciousness guided meditation
Day 7- Expand your Awareness guided meditation
Day 8-White river flow guided meditation to clear negative emotions
Day 9-Entering the Inner Self guided meditation
Day 10- Awaken to bliss guided meditation
Day 11- Listening to your heart guided meditation
Day 12- Entering the reality guided meditation
Day 13-Awaken to the light guided meditation
Day 14-Light in the heart guided meditation
Day 15- Awaken to unlimited potential guided meditation
Day 16- Opening the heart guided meditation
Day 17-Quantum jump to unconditional love-guided meditation
Day 18- Complete acceptance guided meditation
Day 19- Overcoming negative thinking guided meditation
Day 20- Unconditional love guided meditation
Day 21- Healing with unconditional love guided mediation
Day 22-Universal consciousness breathing guided meditation
Day 23-Life force energy guided meditation
Day 24-Being a witness guided meditation
Day 25-Letting go guided meditation
Day 26- Discover nothingness guided meditation
Day 27- Inner fire guided meditation for abundance
Day 28- Tree of life guided meditation
Day 29 – Healing from the tree of life guided meditation
Day 30-Being Peace- guided meditation