Successfully Complete The 75 Hard Challenge
Master your mind!

What you will learn

Successfully complete the 75 Hard challange

Manage cravings for sugar, fast food and alcohol

Have the time, motivation and capacity to exercise for 90 minutes each day

Implement a variety of strategies to overcome pitfalls of the 75 Hard challenge

Grow self discipline and organisational skills


If you want to successfully complete the 75-HARD challenge, this course is for you!

Recorded the day after my completion of the challenge, this course breaks down each component of 75 HARD, highlighting the potential pitfalls and supports that you will need to address to be successful:

– 2 x 45-minute workouts
– 3L (4 gallons) water
– No sugar
– No fast food
– No alcohol
– 10 pages non-fiction
– Daily progress pictures
– Cold showers

Each of these components offers their unique challenges; be it overcoming cravings, finding the time to exercise, confronting the reality of your results, or simply fitting in all that water.

75 HARD is just that: hard. But it isn’t impossible. In this course you will be guided through each of those components and will be provided with strategies to overcome them.

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Everyone will have different reasons for doing the challenge. For me, it was to take ownership of my life, to push back against lock down pressures, and to prove to myself that I can accomplish something that most people think is impossible. What is your reason?

Successfully completing 75 HARD felt amazing, and through this course I will guide you to success as well.

Upon completion, you will have changed your habits, implemented an amazing program for physical, mental and spiritual growth and developed a deep level of self-awareness and discipline – attributes that will stick with you for life.

Become one of the few people to complete 75 HARD – It’s time to take the challenge!





Complete 75 Hard

Start With Your Why
Use Social Proof
Planning Your Day
Water Intake
Working Out
Dealing With Cravings
Required Reading
Cold Showers
Taking Progress Pictures
Getting Organised
What If You Fail?
Dealing With Pushback

Class Project & Conclusion