Your complete guide to building and keeping wealth with one effective method

What you will learn

Find out if you are behind or ahead of your retirement savings

Learn how to catch up if you are behind

Have a clear step-by-step guide to reach retirement on your terms

Receive hands-on coaching and strategy planning


Does the thought of retirement feel like a mystery place of the unknown?

This course removes the guess work and allows you to see if you are behind, on track, or ahead of the game to retire on your terms. Eliminate the complexities of retirement and learn easy and practical steps to reach the retirement you desire. You’ll get a simple breakdown on how the wealth formula works and how to apply it. You’ll also get a retirement calculator that tells you if you are on track based on 5 simple questions. If you are behind, the calculator tells you how much more you’ll need to save per month to reach your retirement goal.

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If at the end of the course you decide you want more coaching, you’ll have the tools you need to properly pre-screen a licensed financial professional to see if they are a good fit to work with you. Have peace of mind and feel confident that planning for retirement is simple.

Key takeaways from this course:

  • Avoid common retirement mistakes
  • Leveraging and applying the wealth formula
  • The cost of emotional investing
  • Impact of taxes on your retirement
  • Protecting your wealth long term
  • Your clear retirement roadmap
  • Identifying the right financial professional to support you


The New Retirement

The Retirement Dream
Retire When?
Retirement Potholes

Creating Wealth

The Wealth Formula
Seeing It In Action
Test Your Knowledge

Procrastination Has A Cost

Falling Victim To Procrastination
Procrastination Is A Thief

Don’t Forget Uncle Sam

Taxes: Getting Better Or Worse?
Tax Buckets

Invest With Emotions Or Logic?

The Crazy Rollercoaster
Dollar Cost Averaging

How To Protect Your Wealth

Stay Safe From Market Dips And Crashes
The Connection Between Health And Wealth
What Is Long Term Care?
Myths About Long Term Care
What Is Your Cost With Long Term Care?
Test Your Knowledge

How To Know If You Are On Track For Retirement

Using The Retirement Calculator
Retirement Calculator Demonstration

How To Choose A Licensed Financial Professional

How To Screen Financial Professionals