Enjoy the Holiday Season Without Disordered Eating

What you will learn

Gain a deep understanding of the real reasons behind overeating and binge eating

Uncover the secrets of the diet and wellness industry about health and healthy eating

Develop the ability to let go of restrictive diet mentalities and rigid food rules

Experience the joy and satisfaction of holiday meals without the burden of guilt and shame

Embrace gentle, body-loving ways to support and nourish themselves during the holiday season

Gain practical tools to prioritize self-care and well-being

Learn how to create holiday meals that provide both pleasure and nourishment

In the extra section, students will learn how to have a holly jolly holiday season without burning out


Are you tired of spending your holiday season trapped in a cycle of guilt, shame, and food rules? Say goodbye to the endless promises of “New Year, New Me” and detoxes offered by the wellness industry.

Holiday season should feel better.

How about spending this holiday season actually enjoying family gatherings, celebrations and all of your favorite holiday foods with no guilt, shame, negative food talk, while also creating space to nourish yourself?

It’s time to embrace a different approach to the holidays.

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“Intuitive Eating through Holidays” is your solution if you’re ready to:

  • Reclaim Joyful Celebrations: This course empowers you to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, savoring every moment without the weight of food-related stress.
  • Escape the Food Obsession: Say goodbye to the days of obsessing over holiday meals, feeling out of control, and dreading the consequences.
  • Ditch the Restrictive Rules: No more “holiday eating rules” or setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. It’s time to break free from the shackles of diets and food restrictions.
  • Put an End to Binge-Diet Cycles: By learning the principles of intuitive eating, you’ll escape the vicious cycle of overeating followed by guilt, promising to diet, and falling into the same trap again.

This course will guide you to spend your holiday season creating joyful memories, savoring your favorite holiday foods, and nurturing your body and mind with self-care.

With “Intuitive Eating through Holidays,” you’ll:

  • Reclaim Your Confidence: Gain the confidence to enjoy holiday feasts, knowing you can enjoy food without guilt or shame, and knowing you can easily walk away when you’re satisfied – without overeating.
  • Discover Your Balance: Learn how to create a balanced approach to holiday eating that feels amazing to you.
  • Unleash Mental Energy: Free up mental energy to focus on festive activities that bring you pleasure rather than food-related worries.
  • Fully Enjoy Every Bite: Savor every mouthful of your chosen holiday foods, guilt-free.
  • Embrace Peace: Enter the New Year without the burden of deprivation and the need for a “last supper” overeating session. You get to have health and a cookie.
  • Support Your Body Lovingly: Adopt a gentle, non-restrictive approach to nourishing your body during the holiday season.

This holiday season, it’s time to experience the joy of celebrations, family gatherings, and your favorite foods without guilt, shame, or negativity. Join us in “Intuitive Eating through Holidays” and make this festive season truly joyful and satisfying.





Intuitive Eating Through Holidays

Real Reasons Behind Overeating
What Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About Health
How To Navigate Holiday Season With Intuitive Eating
Caring For Your Health Body Loving Way: Balance

Extra Lesson

Holiday Self-Care Beyond Nutrition

Closing Thoughts

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