Java for Absolute Beginners - The Essentials
Build a strong foundation in Java without having any previous experience in that field

What you will learn

Understand the structure of a Java Application

Learn how control-flow instructions work and how to use them in Java

Learn how to work with Strings, Math operations

Learn the difference between primitive and reference types

Learn the principles of Object Orientated Programming

Learn how to build your first Java Project



This course is the best online resource you need to learn programming from scratch, applied on easy-to-understand Java programs, where every concept is explained step-by-step, so that you can understand it.

Java is the language used by many large companies and more than 9 million developers around the world, so it definitely makes sense to start your programming career by learning this language. Also, all the concepts learned in this course are applicable in other languages as well.

About myself

I wrote my first line of code 10 years ago when I was in highschool. I quickly got addicted by how easy you could build useful programs using C# and Windows Forms.

I followed the Computer Science University track where I managed to set the ground knowledge for anything related to Software Engineering (Algorithms, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Multithreading, Distributed Computing, Networking, and many other topics), and I finalized this amazing 6-year learning path by getting a Master’s Degree in Parallel and Distributed Systems where I built from the ground a custom Kubernetes Gang Scheduler optimised for running Spark Jobs.

Currently, I’m a Software Engineer focused on high-scale JVM-based development. I build code used by millions of people around the world.

Why I built this course?

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I learned Java from the Internet, trying to build projects, hitting all kinds of issues, searching on StackOverflow (and sometimes asking lots of questions), I wish I would follow an introductory course on that would guide me through those new concepts, instead of trying and failing so many times.

For that reason, I thought that building a course where I explain the basic concepts of this language, would definitely help other people to save time and avoid going into the same pitfalls that I went through.

What is the content course?

This course is split into multiple chapters, each one exposing a different functionality of this language:

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
    • In this chapter we’re going to learn why we need programming and what is the role of a programming language in general
  • Chapter 2 – Java Installation
    • We’re going to learn about Java versions, the difference between JDK and JRE
    • And most importantly, we’re going to see how can we install a JDK from official sources
  • Chapter 3 – First Steps into the Java Programming
    • In this chapter we’re going to create our first Java application in IntelliJ Idea and we’re going to understand the syntax and structure of the simplest Java program
  • Chapter 4 – Working with Data in Java
    • Any software application needs data in order to do something meaningful for us
    • In this chapter, we’re going to see how Java allows us to store and update the information in our programs
    • We’re going to learn about data types, operations on text and math functions
  • Chapter 5 – Working with Control Flow Instructions in Java
    • On the same idea as above, to build some useful applications, we need to add decisioning logic into them.
    • With control flow instructions, we can do that in a very easy way. This is the main focus on this chapter.

What are the requirements for this course?

  • A computer with medium specs (we only need to install IntelliJ Idea Community Edition)
  • Willingness to learn and an open-mind

Thank you for taking the time to look through this description and I’m looking forward to see you in the first lecture!

Cover Photo by Joshua Aragon on Unsplash




What is a Programming Language?

Java Installation

Here is how you can install Java and IntelliJ IDEA on your system

First steps into the Java Programming

Let’s create your first Java Application
The structure and syntax of a Java Application

Working with Data in Java

Introducing the Primitive Data Types
Playing with Arrays in Java
Let’s play with the String class
Let’s play with some Math operations
[Quiz] – Playing with data in Java

Working with Control Flow instructions in Java

Introducing Logical Operators
Defining conditional flows with the IF statement
Refining conditional flows with SWITCH statement
Defining repetitive flows with WHILE and DO WHILE statements
Defining repetitive flows with the FOR statement
[Quiz] – Playing with Control Flow instructions in Java

Let’s learn the basics of Object Oriented Programming

What are Classes and Objects?
Constructors, Getters and Setters, Access Modifiers
Reference Types and Primitive Types
The STATIC keyword
Inheritance, Override and Overload

[PROJECT] – Let’s build a password hasher

[PROJECT] – Let’s build a password hasher