Rewrite Your Story After Narcissistic Abuse in Relationships
How to Write and Release Your Toxic Relationship Story, and Rewrite Your New Future Story

What you will learn

Identify and release negative thoughts, attitudes and behaviors to create positive change

Know what you want and have a working plan to get it

Write a detailed and therapeutic account of your toxic abuse story (for your personal reference)

Write a new story for your future and implement necessary steps to make it your new reality

Implement a step-by-step process taking you to ultimate fulfillment, from present day to goal.


Have you been mentally and emotionally abused and manipulated by a toxic narcissist? Have you had enough of the gaslighting, the flying monkeys, the love-bombing and the hoovering? 

Are you tired of accepting the “you” that the narcissist has defined? Are you ready to finally DEFINE YOURSELF? Want to make your own choices about who you are and what your life looks like?

If you’re ready to rediscover yourself again after narcissistic abuse, this course presents and easy and simple way to do just that. 

You’ll learn to identify your abuse story, write it out and then release it. Plus, you’ll get a step-by-step plan to write your new future story – one that you can use to create the life you truly desire, and to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

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You don’t have to accept the story your narcissist put in place – you get to write your OWN story.

This course offers you the solution you need, and it’s been created specifically for you by a certified life coach, author and survivor of narcissistic abuse. 

Inside, you’ll find several reports, worksheets and downloadable tools that will help you to take the steps necessary to get your story down, release it and write your new story.

Take the time to study the material, do the meditation and the writing exercises, and you’ll be on your way to making things go your way – and to creating the self and the life that you truly want.



Power Booster: Claiming Your Personal Power Again After Narcissistic Abuse

What to Expect from This Course
Power Booster: How to Reclaim Your Personal Power

Motivation and You: What It Takes to Make It Happen

Reviewing: How to Control Your Thoughts and Get What You Want
Rewrite Your Mindset Before You Rewrite Your Story
Decision Making Tactics for Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse
Finding Your Catalyst for Personal Change

Writing Your Abuse Story: Step by Step

Writing Your Abuse Story: Introduction
Pre-Writing: Your Abuse Story (Worksheet Overview)
How to Write Your Abuse Story: Getting Started With Writing
Taking Your Story to the Next Level: Creating Understaning & Personal Connection
Rounding Out Your Story: Time to Wrap It Up

Releasing Your Abuse Story to Allow a New Future Story

Releasing Your Abuse Story
Gratitude Journaling for Health, Wealth and True Happiness
The Environmental Factor Involved in Releasing Limiting Beliefs
Self-Discovery Mission: Do You Believe What You Think You Believe?

The Rewrite: Your New Life Begins Here

The Secret to Becoming Clear and Focused: Filling Your Vessel
Self-Discovery Exercise
Meditation Exercise: Discover Your Vision and Purpose
Your New Life Story: The BluePrint