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A practical guide to operations of an ITIL service desk and the things you should do to set these up

What you will learn

Understand the basics of a Service Desk

What ITIL says about Service Desk

Understanding logistics of a working Service Desk

Reporting and other considerations when setting up your service desk


Service Desk is probably thee most important aspect of any IT service provider – it is the first part of a user journey where users will regularly interact with it whether its via an incident or an request.

To ensure your Service Desk is set up right to meet the needs of your end users , this course will take you through some fundamental areas to consider:

1. Scoping out your work – thinking about what will your service desk offer and reflecting that in the design of your service desk.

2. ITIL and service desk – what does ITIL say about Service Desk and what activities at a high level should they do?

3. Work streams – an analysis of typical work that a service desk will do.

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4. Shift left strategy – how do you ensure your service desk remains efficient and your 1st line team is engaged and always learning new skills?

5. Team management – how do you measure performance?

and much more!

My main focus is always on practical application, less on theory. I feel this gives the learner a better experience as reality does not always meet theory in application.

I hope you enjoy the course, and I will always respond to any questions you may have as you embark on this course!




What does ITIL say about Service Desk
What does ITIL say on Request Management
Service Desk terminologies

Scoping out the design of Service Desk

Scoping out the service

Areas of service desk

Request Management
Service desk team management
Other logistics to think about
Considerations for handling calls