Engineering and Technicians who are interested in Industrial Instrumentation

What you will learn

Technical Knowledge of Instrumentation Engineer

Understating of factory environment

Field instruments calibration

PLC control system understanding


This course is for professional working in Process Industry and also students, wanting to learn about Industrial Instrumentation and Automation.

All concepts are explained from Scratch to advance in a very easy to understandable language. The things that an Industrial Instrumentation engineer working in a process industries are explained in this course. Also I Included basis of PLC that an Instrumentation Engineer should be aware of.

As there is high demand of Instrumentation engineers, this course will help you to start your career as instrumentation Maintenance engineer.

All the activities that an instrument maintenance engineer will perform on day to day basis in FMCG and Pharmaceutical Industry covered in this course.

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Also I tried to cover the basis of PLC that an Instrumentation Engineer working in process industry should have knowledge about.

The purpose of this course is to get an overview of Industrial Environment and job that an instrument engineer will perform on day to day basis.

I hope this course will help electricians who are trying to switchover there job as Instrumentation technicians as both the field are co related.

Also for doubt clearance regarding any topic, anybody can get in touch with me at any movement( industrial [email protected]). Thank you



Instrumentation Engineer

Introduction to various department in an industry
Understanding Electrical drawing of PLC-part1
Understanding Electrical drawing of PLC-part2
Read and understand P&ID
Take PLC,SCADA,SQL Backup of Siemens software
VFD commissioning
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor calibration-part1
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor calibration-part2
pH sensor calibration