FULL Business Leadership Training
The Concise Essentials of Effective and Scalable Business Leadership

What you will learn

Learn how to unlock EXPONENTIAL GROWTH in your business

Scale your leadership skills to MULTIPLY your business

Learn how and when to train your employees for MAXIMUM EFFECT

Define your role and focus as CEO of your company so your business has CLARITY


FULL Business Leadership Training will reveal the irrefutable skills that every business leader must have in their toolkit.

If you were like me, you got into business to be free. But suddenly, you were working more hours than ever before – including weekends – for less pay. You’re stressed because there isn’t a manual for running a business like there is in school. You figured it would be easy because you’re good at what you do but you realize that running a business is drastically different from being a great chef or the best graphic designer you know.

You want to get back on track. You want freedom to travel again and to spend time with your family and your partner. You want your business to be the glowing representation of your efforts so you know this wasn’t a mistake.

I get it. There is a new solution that you haven’t tried.

This training will give you clarity on what to focus your energy on and guide you step-by-step into leading your business into a repeatable cash cow machine WITHOUT having to spend thousands on consulting fees upfront.

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You will learn:

  1. How Fortune 500 companies align thousands of employees in their organization.
  2. How to build out your business systems so you don’t burn out.
  3. The golden rule for protecting your brand and reputation.
  4. How to train other leaders in your company effectively.
  5. How to get your company to run without you.
  6. How to make your business work for you and not the other way around.
  7. The framework for building a repeatable and predictable company.
  8. CEO mindset for unlocking exponential growth in your business.
  9. Where to focus your energy to get MASSIVE results FAST.
  10. And more! in a concise program.

Your time is valuable and so this training gets right to the point on what you need to learn and do to see immediate results.

About Me:

Kadeem Leslie is an entrepreneur, author, and investor. He built his first 6-figure business as a college student. He creates resources for entrepreneurs to thrive and for everyday people to achieve financial freedom. His interests are in real estate and education.



Introduction: Who I Am & What We’ll Do Together


Leader’s Values: The North Star


Systems: Your Well-Oiled Sellable, Scalable, Money-Making Machine


Training: Developing Internal Growth

Training Your Team

The Art of Difficult Conversations

How to Have Difficult Conversations With Great Outcomes

Your Role as the CEO/Entrepreneur

Your Role as the Leader

Scaling Your Company: Developing Other Leaders

Developing Leaders On Your Team
Developing Leaders Again

The Closer

Intro Again