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You can appear confident and memorable when introducing yourself in business and networking events

What you will learn

Introduce yourself in any business or networking event

Appear relaxed when introducing yourself

Make a positive impression when introducing yourself


Imagine that every time you introduce yourself, you know you are coming across as completely confident, comfortable and memorable. You will never again have to worry about what to say or how you come across.

How to Introduce Yourself

In this “How to Introduce Yourself” course you will learn how to avoid the awkwardness and tediousness displayed when many people introduce themselves. You will be taught how to appear to be confident, comfortable and relaxed when standing to introduce yourself, and you will know how to say something interesting and memorable to the other people in the room. Once you learn these skills, you won’t just appear to be confident; you actually will be confident. Your days of being nervous and uncomfortable about the prospect of introducing yourself will soon be over.

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