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AutoCAD 2D Course | AutoCAD 2D & Isometric Training for Civil Engineers & Architectures

What you will learn

Learn AutoCAD 2D Commands

Design Considerations for Residential Building

To Create Location Plan & Site Plan

To Create Floor Plan

To Create Front, Side & Sectional Elevation

To Create Column Layout Plan

To Print Submission Drawing

Learn Digitization of Plan

Learn Isometric & Orthographic Projection


Learn skill to earn the skill.

AutoCAD is a prime product of Autodesk. AutoCAD is the most prominent product used globally for 2D work. AutoCAD applications can be found in different engineering disciplines like Civil, Mechanical, Architecture, Electrical, Electronics, etc. But this AutoCAD course is not designed from AutoCAD Mechanical, Electrical, or Electronics perspective. This AutoCAD course is limited to AutoCAD Civil, and Architectural disciplines only.

This is an AutoCAD 2D course and it doesn’t cover AutoCAD 3D. So we’ll work in the Drafting & Annotation workspace which is a 2D workspace in AutoCAD. This AutoCAD course will be started with ‘Introduction of AutoCAD Interface’. We will try to cover each & every 2D command which later on is going to be used in the project. Once we get the expertise in using AutoCAD 2D commands then we will start working on the project & will create a complete 3 BHK ground+1 story 2D House Plan, along with Front Elevation, Side Elevation & Sectional Elevation in AutoCAD. We’ll create a Location Plan, Site Plan, & Column Layout Plan as well. Other than these definitely we’ll have more work on the Floor Plan & for every new task separate video tutorial is made. We’ll work according to the submission drawing & print the submission drawing as well. Also, we will see how to use external references & how to digitize any plan in AutoCAD.

Before starting the project we’ll learn about different design considerations which are necessary to learn before designing any residential building. This is not about AutoCAD so even if you create a drawing by hand on paper or if you are supervising the construction work you must have some knowledge about these design considerations. Don’t miss this lecture! This is a short but very important lecture.

This course is not just limited to AutoCAD 2D. We’ll also learn about Isometric Drafting & Orthographic Projection in AutoCAD. A separate section is made about Isometric Drafting & Orthographic Projection in AutoCAD.

This AutoCAD 2D course has a total of 95 video tutorials with a total length of more than 18 hours. This AutoCAD 2D course is designed by assuming that you are using AutoCAD for the very first time & don’t have any previous knowledge or never worked before in AutoCAD.

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This course is designed in AutoCAD 2017 version but it can be easily learned in almost any older or latest version of AutoCAD.

Some files are attached as resources you can download and use.

This AutoCAD course is divided into the following sections:

  1. AutoCAD presets
  2. Draw Toolbar
  3. Modify Toolbar
  4. Status Bar Keys
  5. Text command in AutoCAD
  6. Table command in AutoCAD
  7. Dimensioning the Drawing File
  8. Multi Leader Command
  9. Block & Group
  10. Object Properties
  11. Layer Properties
  12. AutoCAD Utilities
  13. Isometric & Orthographic projection
  14. Residential Building Design
  15. Location Plan & Site Plan
  16. Working on Floor Plan
  17. Working on 2D Elevation
  18. Column Layout Plan
  19. Compass & Title Block
  20. Printing AutoCAD Drawing
  21. External References & Digitization of Plan

There are plenty of topics under these sections in separate videos. I will suggest must go through all the videos. Don’t skip if you properly want to get the outcome of this course.

Note: Please go through all the topic titles before enrolling in this course. Also, I tried to explain the course content in the description as well & have made enough videos available for free preview so that you can decide if you should get this course or not. I recommend joining the course only if you think this course matches your expectations.

So, If You are Fully Satisfied Hit the ‘Enroll Now’ Button & Enjoy the AutoCAD Training. Happy Learning!



AutoCAD Presets

Introduction to AutoCAD Interface
Customizing the AutoCAD Interface
AutoCAD Classic Workspace
Navigation Tools in AutoCAD
Customizing the Cursor
Saving the AutoCAD File
Unit & Limit Settings

Draw Toolbar

Line Command
Polyline Command
Circle Command
Arc Command
Rectangle Command
Polygon Command
Ellipse Command
Spline Command
Construction Line & Ray Commands
Point Command
Divide & Measure Commands
Hatch Command
Gradient Command
Boundary & Region Commands

Modify Toolbar

Copy & Move Commands
Trim Command
Extend Command
Erase Command
Rotate Command
Mirror Command
Fillet Command
Chamfer Command
Explode Command
Stretch Command
Scale Command
Offset Command
Lengthen Command
Align Command
Break Command
Join Command
Overkill Command
Rectangular Array Command
Polar Array Command
Path Array Command
Selection Options in AutoCAD

Status Bar Keys

Grid & Snap Mode
Dynamic Input
Ortho Mode & Polar Tracking
Object Snap
Object Snap Tracking
Other Status Bar Keys

Text Command in AutoCAD

Single Line Text Command
Customizing the Text Style
Multi Line Text Command

Table Command in AutoCAD

Table Command -01
Table Command -02
Customizing the Table Style

Dimensioning the Drawing File

Dimension Options in AutoCAD
Dimension Command
Quick Dimension
Continue & Baseline Dimension Options
Customizing the Dimension Style
Override Dimension Style
Tolerance Options in AutoCAD

Multi Leader Command

Multi Leader Command
Customizing the Multi Leader

Block & Group

Creating Block in AutoCAD
Inserting & Editing Blocks
Grouping the Objects

Object Properties

Object Properties in AutoCAD

Layer Properties

Layer Toolbar -01
Layer Toolbar -02

AutoCAD Utilities

Distance, Radius & Angle Measurement
Area Measurement

Isometric & Orthographic Projection

Isometric Drafting-01
Isometric Drafting-02
Orthographic Projection

Residential Building Design

Designing of Residential Building

Location Plan & Site Plan

Creating Location Plan
Creating Site Plan

Working on Floor Plan

Creating Ground Floor Plan
Creating First Floor Plan
Creating Doors & Windows in Plan
Placing Interior Fixtures in Plan
Creating & Placing Door & Window Labels
Inserting Text in Floor Plan
Dimensioning the Floor Plan

Working on 2D Elevation

Creating Front Elevation
Creating Side Elevation
Creating Sectional Elevation

Column Layout Plan

Creating & Placing Columns in Floor Plan
Creating Column Layout Plan

Compass & Title Block

Creating Compass & Title Block

Printing AutoCAD Drawing

Printing Drawing File
Print Scale in AutoCAD
Printing Submission Drawing

External References & Digitization of Plan

External References in AutoCAD
Digitizing the Plans in AutoCAD