Level A1 – Learn to speak Portuguese from the first class: all with only 5 words a day

What you will learn

Speak Portuguese confidently from the very first lesson

Learn to speak and write basic Portuguese

Start speaking Portuguese immediately after the first lesson


Olá e bem-vindo (Hello and welcome!)

If you want to learn to speak Portuguese in a definitive, direct and objective way, my classes are perfect for you.

In this course 1 I am going to introduce you to new structures in basic Portuguese. You will learn to conjugate verbs in the present tense, and also learn basic grammar.

I ask you to start this course from the first class. It is very important that you do one class at a time and do not skip classes, as each class is linked to the previous class.


As a language student and teacher, I have always found that traditional methods are very boring, exhausting and time-consuming. My goal has always been to learn a language in a fast, fun and practical way. And I was successful!

And that is why I created the Portuguese in 5 words course as a way to make learning Portuguese easier than ever and accessible for anyone who really wants to learn Portuguese directly and objectively, especially for people who tried learn and failed in the past, and people who want to understand how the language works and want to achieve more advanced levels. For this reason, I decided to create a FULL course and with the first 5 FREE lessons so you can see if the method is effective for you. I’m sure it will be, just as it was with me.

I hope you enjoy this course.

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Unit 1

Lição 1 – Your first 5 words!

Lição 2

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Lição 3

Lição 4

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