Practical application of a personal budget

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Financial responsibility

Positive financial habits

Being in control of your finances

Building for the future


Welcome to How to Make a Personal Budget work.

Living and working in South Africa has afforded us a unique opportunity to surround ourselves with people from all walks of life. Given the wealth disparity in the country, the difference in earning capacity in different classes and the rising cost of living, we have noticed a distinct strain on the disposable income available to everyone.

This, we are certain, is reminiscent of other countries, communities and households throughout the world.

Our goal in this course is to enable our students to critically analyze their financial status and to breakdown their income and expenses into manageable categories from which future decisions can be made.

Over the past few years, we have assisted various individuals to either break free from the shackles of debt, plan for exciting new prospects in the future and increase their savings with the simple steps to follow in our course.

In this course, you will learn the following:

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– What is a budget?

– Why do we budget?

– Things to consider when making a budget.

– How to practically apply our budget to everyday life.

The lessons learnt in this course can be applied to all areas of financial life. From simple personal budgets, savings for personal goals, projects and projections and can form the basis for business or corporate budgets.

We hope you enjoy the course and stay tuned to our page for more.



How to make a personal budget work

What is a budget?
Why do we budget?
Things to consider when making a budget
Basic budget
Complex budget
Practical application of the budget.
Case Studies