Crush course on creating a shopping website

What you will learn

Understand basic of the database.

Gain knowledge about backend that connect to a database.

Understand basic javascript used in the frontend.

RESTful API that talks to backend.


Welcome to my course on how to set up an ecommerce website!

This course is designed for beginners to mid-senior programmers who want to learn the basics of setting up a backend and frontend for an ecommerce website.

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In this course, we will cover the following topics:

  • Database design: We will discuss the different types of databases that can be used for ecommerce websites, and how to design a database that meets the specific needs of your business.
  • ORM: We will learn how to use an ORM to interact with the database. An ORM is a tool that makes it easier to work with databases, by abstracting away the details of the database itself.
  • RESTful API: We will learn how to create a RESTful API. A RESTful API is a way of exposing data and functionality from a backend to a frontend.
  • Single Page App: We will learn how to build a Single Page App. A Single Page App is a web application that loads all of its content in a single page. This makes for a more interactive and responsive user experience.
  • Frontend routing: We will learn how to implement frontend routing. Frontend routing is the way that users navigate between different pages in a Single Page App.
  • E2E debugging: We will learn how to debug your code end-to-end. This means debugging your code from the user’s perspective, by simulating the user’s actions in the browser.





Design the database schema
Setup the server


Using Angular to setup a shopping frontend

What’s missing?

Testing and deployment