Be the help you are always looking for

What you will learn

How to become your best help

How to be confident without setbacks

Manage your emotions and anxiety wisely

Communicate assertively

How to make people enjoy being with you


Anxiety and depression have become more common in recent years.Β  People searched for numerous self-help and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) books to seek answers. How to deal with anxiety? What is the wheel of emotions?

Yet, no matter how much knowledge we obtain, there is always a hole where we feel stressed about life and what we should do.

This course is taught by a stubborn person who constantly questioned the meaning of life, but also refused to give up during her time of moderate depression and anxiety. With the unique, practical system, she cured depression in less than six months with no medication but help from a therapist.

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The course content focuses on healing and is a practical guide to dealing with daily pain points such as dissatisfaction in life, low self-confidence, and, most importantly, learning to be your best friend wherever you go.

β€œGive a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This is a fishing course where it will not make your world full of cotton candy and give you a ride on a unicorn, but the content is designed to inspire you to become the dream leaderβ€”the leader of your own and the leader of your life when facing uncertainty and stress.




Part 1.1 – Stop the Bleeding : Dissatisfaction in Life
Part 1.2 Stop the Bleeding : Dissatisfaction in Self
Part 2 Let’s get up : Self-confidence
Part 3 Incoming! : Emotions and Anxiety Management
Part 4 Unpack your bag : Self-heal and recovery
Extra (1) : Human Society Survival Kit
Extra (2) : How to create your affirmations