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Connect to the wisdom of your body and your nervous system

What you will learn

Learn why body awareness matters when it comes to healing

Understand the connection between emotions, mind and body

Understand trauma and how it shows up in the body

Learn simple somatic exercises that can be integrated into personal practice


If you often feel disconnected from your body, caught up in your head and struggling to calm down and rest, this experiential course will help you understand why it is happening and how you can start to reconnect with your body to feel calmer and more grounded.

Your body’s wisdom

‘Soma’ means living body and in somatics, we believe that your body is an intelligent, self-healing organism. It is designed to serve and protect you even when it may not seem this way when you are stressed or triggered. Once you start to understand your body and your nervous system’s automatic reactions, you will learn how to work with them instead of resisting them. You don’t need to fix your body, you just need to help it heal itself.

In this course, I will guide you through the basic concepts from trauma-informed somatics to discover the healing power inherent in your own body.

The course will give you a basic overview of:

  • what is body awareness and why it is needed;
  • what is a resilient nervous system;
  • how your nervous system can get dysregulated due to stress and trauma;
  • why wild animals don’t get traumatised and what we can learn from them;

and most importantly,

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  • how you can start tapping into your innate body wisdom for self-regulation and healing.

What is included:

This is an experiential course, where in addition to video lectures you will also get to try practical exercises from different somatic modalities including Somatic Experiencing.

What you will get:

By the end of the course, you will have an embodied understanding of your body-mind connection and how it can be affected by chronic stress and trauma. And towards the end of it, you will learn how you can start befriending your body and your nervous system through simple trauma-informed somatic techniques that you can integrate into your daily practice.

So let’s dive into the world of somatics and your body’s wisdom!




What to expect?
About the facilitator

Body Awareness and Mind-Body Connection

Body awareness exercise (experiential part)
What is body awareness?
Why is it important to have all these types of awareness?
The SIBAM model
Visualisation exercise (experiential part)

Autonomic Nervous System and Trauma

The two branches of the Autonomic Nervous System
Survival (or defense) responses
Threat response cycle – Why wild animals don’t get traumatised?
What is trauma and how does it show up in the body?

Body Wisdom and the Trauma-Informed Approach

Trauma-informed approach
Somatic tools for self-soothing and self-regulation (experiential part)