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An Introduction

What you will learn

How oracle and tarot decks work.

Basic tips on how to read your cards.

How to cleanse and store your decks.

Alternatives to using cards.

What do to do if you don’t connect with your cards.


Are you interested in trying to read tarot or oracle?

Did you just buy your first deck?

Do you have a deck and just not feeling confident in reading?

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This free mini course is a basic introduction to card reading.  This course is for anyone who is interested in using either tarot or oracle cards on their spiritual path.

I created this course because I feel that the amount of card decks, classes, websites and books can be overwhelming and conflicting.  I am a big proponent of intuition and accessibility.  Both tarot and oracle cards have helped me so much on my spiritual journey and I want other people to be able to have the same experience.  The purpose of this course is to give the background knowledge to feel more confident selecting a deck and reading it.  This course doesn’t aim to teach you in depth reading styles but instead is a guide to help you find your own path.  I have been reading cards for myself and others for over twenty years and just wanted to share some of that magick with you.

I will share:

  • How cards work
  • What to do with a reversed card
  • What to do if a card “jumps” out
  • The difference between oracle and tarot
  • Alternative ways to use the decks
  • What to do if you don’t connect with a deck
  • How to store and cleanse your deck
  • How to psychically protect yourself while reading
  • Insights I have gained over the years




Unboxing and Cleansing Your Deck

Unboxing and Cleansing

Storing your Deck

Storing your Deck

How the Decks Work

How the Cards Work

Some Reading Tips

Reading Tips

When you Don’t Connect

When you Don’t Connect

Fun things to do with your Deck

Unique Ideas for Decks

Thank you!

Thank you!