WeSeeYou- Identify child anxiety or trauma/  sexual abuse
Emotional and educational tools to improve empathetic communication with children and reduce anxiety or trauma.

What you will learn

We See You is a short webinar for teachers and parents aimed at helping children share negative emotions and experiences, anxiety or trauma.

How to identify and help children who have experienced sexual abuse?

How to help children in quarantine (due to global pandemic)

Developed by ‘Latet- Pe’/ Dare To Share NGO


We See You is a short free webinar for teachers and parents aimed at helping children share negative emotions and experiences, anxiety or trauma they had during the quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic , especialy possible child sexual abuse. Adults will acquire simple and practical tools to improve communication and respond empathetically, suitable for everyday relationships with children and effective in complex or traumatic situations. Developed by ‘Latet- Pe’/ Dare To Share NGO.

The Problem: ​Sexual abuse has become a major problem in every sector. It is estimated that one out of five children are abused. Sexual predators depend on secrecy and concealment surrounding issues of sexuality and abuse within communities, to install feelings of shame and guilt in the children they abuse, thus ensuring their silence. 85% of CSA will happen within the community, by a person known to the child.

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Our Solution: ​Children with a positive connection to their body, who can identify inappropriate and confusing situations, and who have trustworthy communication channels – will become empowered children that, together with responsible adults, can create a community in which potential offenders are afraid to operate. we seek to give every child a mouth, a voice, which will allow them to resist and share with caring adults. These videos focus on the adults surrounding the children – giving parents and teachers the knowledge, the practical tools, and the skills to relate to and educate on issues of healthy sexuality and sexual abuse prevention. This creates a holistic system that provides a comprehensive solution to the phenomenon.




How to identify possible problems
What to do if we suspect that a child has suffered trauma or abuse
The 5 stage response model
Children’s fear & anxiety
Mandatory reporting
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