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Complete Web Scraping, Web Crawling and Web Automation Bootcamp using Python 3, Selenium, BeautifulSoup and Chromium

What you will learn

Fundamentals of Web Scraping and Automation

Understand Xpath & CSS Selectors

Working with Spreadsheets and CSV files

Automating Websites using Selenium

Scraping and Crawling Websites using BeautifulSoup

Multi-Threading Web Scraping Operations

Web Scraping Best Practices


Do you want to learn Web Scraping and Automation using Python and tools such as Selenium, BeautifulSoup, and Chromium? If so, Then this is the course for you!


In this course, we’ll use the best tools and techniques available on the Internet to create powerful and efficient web scrapers and bots. Our focus will be towards developing 3 fully-featured python scripts that will solve the following issues respectively.

  1. Scraping Data From An API
  2. Scraping Data From HTML Web Pages
  3. Automating Websites

By the end of this course, you’ll have mastered the skills required to effectively use Selenium, BeautifulSoup, Chromium and Python to build powerful Web Scrapers and Bots.


  • Working with Python Requests Module
  • Understanding Request Headers
  • Exporting Data to XLS Files
  • Sending Emails using Python
  • Working with API’s
  • Reading in Data From A CSV File.
  • The fundamentals of Beautiful Soup and LXML
  • Exporting Data to CSV Files.
  • Utilizing Multi-Threading to Speed Up Scraping
  • Navigating HTML Documents
  • Extracting Information From HTML elements such as Tables.
  • The fundamentals of Selenium
  • Automating Web Actions such as Clicks and Navigation
  • Filling Form Data
  • Screen Capturing Web Pages
  • Efficiently using CSS Selectors & XPaths
  • And alot more


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– Deep, Fine-Grained Learning – This course is jam-packed with information. I made the course that I most wanted to take and as a result, I didn’t skimp on the details. You’re going to cover more topics and material in greater depth than ever before.

– 100% Real-World Practice – My goal is to get you writing code as much as possible. And not just any code–we’ll be working exclusively on practical tasks that are instrumental in building your own amazing real-world apps.

– No-Nonsense, Spot-On Explanations – Every lesson is to the point. I break down what we’re making, how we’ll be doing it, and what the final product will look like, all on top of helpful and illustrative descriptions to aid your understanding along the way.

I really enjoyed making this course and I think you’ll enjoy taking it just as much.

Looking forward to seeing you taking this course!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner/Intermediate Python Developers
  • Individuals looking to learn more about Web Scraping and Automation




Overview & Setup

Creating Python Virtual Enviroment
Understanding HTML Documents
Course Structure & Topics Covered

Python API Scraper

Module Introduction
Creating API Scraping Script Skeleton
Retreving Data From API
Exporting Data To Spreadsheet
Sending Email Using Python and SMTP

Web Scraper

Module Introduction
Creating HTML Scraping Script
Read Product Urls from CSV
Get HTML for URL
Extracting Product Price From HTML
Extracting Product Title From HTML
Extracting Product Rating From HTML
Extracting Product Details From HTML
Writing Data To CSV File

Selenium Web Automation

Module Introduction
Selenium Web Automation Script Demo
Setting up Python Script
Configuring Python Selenium Driver
Setting up Config File
Populating Form Fields using Selenium
Login to Website using Python and Selenium
Navigating to Trello Board
Clicking Add Task Button
Adding Task To To Do List
Screenshot Web Page