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Marketing Psychology 2021: Consumer Behavior | Consumer Psychology | Psychological Marketing | Neuromarketing Persuasion

What you will learn

Product Marketing Psychology

Consumer Psychology

Consumer Behavior

Psychological Marketing

Behavior Marketing


Marketing Psychology


Learn the most effective and cutting-edge psychological techniques that convince people to TRY, BUY, and KEEP BUYING your products!

  • Write a cold email that gets TONS of responses
  • Optimize your pricing to MAXIMIZE revenue
  • Dramatically improve your website and landing page performance
  • Trigger IMMEDIATE responses from customers
  • Build habit-forming product marketing
  • Maximize advertising effectiveness on LinkedIn and elsewhere
  • Change ANYONE’S mind
  • Influence & persuade
  • Create a sense of urgency that compels people to act NOW
  • Adjust consumer behavior
  • Make your marketing content go VIRAL!
  • Get commitment
  • Address objections that hold people back from buying
  • Make your brand more likable
  • Optimize your customer journey
  • Get influencers to endorse your product
  • Generate word-of-mouth
  • Optimize your marketing surveys to get higher responsesSell MORE and leave people wanting MORE!

This course teaches you the most effective principles of marketing psychology and how to apply them in the real world of product marketing. By the end of this course, you will know the most important concepts in marketing psychology and how to implement them for your product. You will know how to convince people to try your product and buy it. And also, specific tactical details such as cold emails and how to make your content go viral.

I’ve been applying these marketing psychological principles for over 11 years for companies including Sony PlayStation, a Google-backed startup, and numerous small and mid-sized companies.

I studied under some of the top business psychologists at the Kellogg School of Management and Columbia Business School. I also learned from the head of behavioral science at a major research firms and have been formally trained in psychology and psychological statistics. I want to help you SELL MORE PRODUCTS!

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[Includes real product marketing case studies!]

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Product Marketing Psychology
A simple way to get people to do what you’re asking
Simple Persuasion
Why obsolete frameworks like the 4Ps and Myers-Briggs stick around
Radical Simplification
How to change people’s minds using Jonah Berger’s framework
How to change people’s minds
How to change people’s minds (example)
Likeability as a tool for persuasion [case study]
Generating Word of Mouth
Making marketing go viral
Finding influencers to generate word of mouth
Addressing objections through marketing
Addressing objections – continued
1 simple way to change people’s minds
Case Study – Harvard Business Review
Don’t ask for annoying information upfront
Persuasion and Influence
Scarcity in Ecommerce
Familiarity, Likeability, and Influence
Pricing Psychology
Ask for commitments
Communicate Frequently
Don’t convince people to buy what they don’t need
Associations and Clustering
Be careful about giving “air time” to negative things
People don’t like surprises
Cold emails as a demonstration of marketing psychology
Case Study – Cheers
Case Study – Agoda