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Time Management Public Speaking: You don’t have to spend hours preparing your public speaking

What you will learn

Drastically reduce time spent preparing speeches and presentations

Reduce stress surrounding presentations and speeches

Save time in speech writing and rehearsal


Time Management Public Speaking doesn’t have to be wildly time-consuming. Imagine yourself delivering a fantastic speech or presentation, and you only spent minutes preparing in advance. You can appear to have spent dozens of hours preparing, even though you waited until the last minute. You can become great at public speaking while spending less time than your colleagues and competitors.

Time Management Public Speaking How to Drastically Reduce Time Spent on Speech Preparation and Still Deliver a Better Presentation

In this Time Management Public Speaking skills course students will learn how to eliminate wasteful and non-productive practices that many people follow when preparing speeches, talks, and PowerPoint Presentations. This course will help students focus on what is really important in creating and delivering speeches and how to avoid time-wasting traps. You can give a great speech without spending days and days in preparation.  <

TJ Walker is a public speaking coach with more than 30 years of experience. He frequently works with busy political leaders and CEOs who don’t have much time to prepare for their speeches but must give great presentations every time.

Enroll in this Time Management Public Speaking course today.

“5 stars! The presenter provided gold nuggets and did not drag out this course for hours and hours. The information was relevant and hit the target in regards to public speaking.” Udemy student Frank Molleda

“5 Stars! TJ highlights how presentation preparation typically goes off the railroad tracks – gather lots of data, prepare slides, churn back and forth on ordering, ranking, wording, etc. Worse yet, folks (even US Presidents) continue tweaking speeches at the last minute. TJ gives step by step details on the structured process to focus on your #1 objective – what you want the audience to ***DO*** after listening to your speech, and #2 – focus on no more than FIVE topics you want the audience to remember. Gone are the days with dozens of data points, stacks of mind-numbing slides with drab numbers and tiny text. Buy this course and discover how to have the audience focus on YOU and your PERSUASIVE PERSONALITY!” Udemy student Michael Nistler

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“5 Stars! Simple Easy to Follow tricks of the trade. Once you do, you can actually have fun while giving your talk/presentation.” Udemy student Fonda Clayton

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

What others say about TJ Walker:

“TJ Walker’s single-minded devotion to presentation has made him the #1 expert for executives seeking guidance on speaking to the public and media.” Bob Bowdon, Anchor/Reporter, Bloomberg Television

“TJ Walker is the leading media trainer in the world.” Stu Miller, Viacom News Producer

(TJ Walker’s Media Training Worldwide) “The world’s leading presentation and media training firm.”Gregg Jarrett, Fox News Channel Anchor

This Time Management course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: time management – productivity – productivity and time management – effective time management – outlook – productivity and time management for the overwhelmed – time management and productivity. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: personal productivity – management skills – goal setting.



Give a Great Speech Without Spending Lots of Time Preparing – Time Management

Let’s Start Saving Time Right Away!
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Save Time by Focusing On Your Exact Goal

Give a Great Presentation And Nobody Will Care How Long You Took Preparing

Faster Ways to Come Up with the Perfect Messages
Tips on Final Preparation of Your 5 Messages – Time Management Public Speaking
Your Examples Will Resonate
Assignment: Testing Your Communication To Make Sure It Works.
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Use This Cheat Sheet! Time Management Public Speaking
Create PowerPoint Quickly and Effectively


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