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How to Buy Things, Get a Taxi and Everything you must know to travel in Thailand

What you will learn

Greeting, Polite Form, Basic Grammar

How to buy food, drink and anything

How to go anywhere by BTS, MRT and Taxi

Numbers and Tones


Hello, Everyone! My name is FAM and I make this course because a lot of my students come to Thailand to travel. In this course, you are going to learn everything you must know to travel in Thailand step by step and do a lot of activities to make sure that you would understand the context and use Thai correctly.

This lesson is created to help you travel in Thailand easier, safer and much more fun with minimum cost in a hour. And you will be involved by multiple choice test to make sure that you will remember everything important. Learning Thai is not so easy. after you learn this course, you will be confident when you are in Thailand.

I would like to save your money and time as much as possible, that’s why we created this class by using the most important information and topic to become the fastest and easiest Thai course.

If you are going to travel in Thailand, this is everything you need!

you are going to learn

1. Greeting and Polite From

2. Tones and Numbers

3. How to buy food, drink and Everything

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4. Go Everywhere by BTS/MRT and Taxi

5. How to ask for direction

6. Basic Grammar

7. Get a test Every lesson

8. Learn 1-7 in one hour

Check The preview video before you buy.

Happy Learning!



Thai language for Traveler

Introduction of Thai language
Simple Greeting and Polite Form
Basic Gramma
Learn Thai Tones
Buy Anything
Get a Taxi
Buy a Drink
Ask for Direction
Eating at a restaurant