A collection of 11 physical education warm up games and how to play them, for grades K-6

What you will learn

Be equipped with 11 fun physical education warm up games

Know how to setup, play, and adapt each activitiy to suit your classes ability levels

Have your students be engaged and warmed up, ready to start your main PE lesson

Increase your confidence in teaching elementary PE


This quick course contains 11 fun and engaging activities that can be used at the start of any PE session, to GET YOUR KIDS EXCITED about learning in PE. Like my other courses, you don’t need to be a PE teacher to work through the program. I try to make teaching PE as easy as possible, by using videos explaining and demonstrating to your students so you don’t have to!

You’ll be equipped with 6 ‘tip & tag’ style games:

• Pacman • Silly bananas • Cops & Robbers • Survivor Tag • Waspital and Bull Rush

and 5 whole class games:

Fruit salad Icebergs Kangas & crocs Plant the trees Volcanoes & ice-cream cones

Each video explains :

• Clear aims and setup instructions with diagrams

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• Gameplay and rules

• Progressions within the game

• Variations for delivery

You’ll also be able to download a .pdf file containing an overview of all the included games

So this FREE course is perfect for you if you are looking to build your confidence in delivering high-quality sport to your students, and with these warmups it’s a fantastic start to delivering game-changing sport!

But make sure you check out my premium courses if you’re looking for complete programs when it comes to teaching physical education at elementary school level!



Kindergarten – Grade 3 TIP & TAG style games

Bull rush
Cops & robbers
Silly bananas
Survivor tag

Grade 3 – 6 whole class games

Fruit salad
Kangas & crocs
Plant the trees
Volcanoes & ice cream cones

Additional videos

Individual warm up routine
Jungle run relays

Downloadable resources

Tip & Tag games overview
Whole class games overview