A Short Course with Eternal Benefits. Everybody has a story and I’ll help you find yours!

What you will learn

The format to PREVENT writers block

Turning ideas into an engaging story- The proven format

The do and don’ts of storytelling for any medium- print, film, social media and speeches.

Key public speaking skills

Story Arcs

Character development

Plot development

The importance of storytelling- the why!

Over a dozen additional resources and materials

Their unique story style

Over a dozen bad jokes presented by the instructor


Are you constantly blocked?

Do you have a great idea but don’t know what to do next?

Are you looking for a roadmap you can use everytime you approach a story?

Whether you are an author, a social media influencer, a screenwriter or in advertising, I will share with you my format to break free from that block and produce fantastic stories every single time!

It is widely known that stories work! It is the way we recapture and remember human experiences. Stories are part of our DNA. Good looks part of my DNA. Bad joke don’t use that. Stories entertain, make a point, teach a lesson, or sell a service, product or idea. No matter how you slice it, everybody relates to stories. The right story will also sell YOU.

If you want to make a great impact, hear people saying “ I heard her speak 8 years ago we got to have her back’  or would you rather be remembered as, “Oh yah I remember her speak. Totally caught up on my sleep”.

Do you feel, my life is so boring. I’ve never climbed to the top of Everest, or overcome adversity, I’ve never even had food poisoning. I’ve got nothing interesting to say.That is the myth. If you’ve eaten gas station food, you’ve had food poisoning. It is not necessary to have experienced a life alternating event to tell a memorable story. I’m here to tell you that everybody has a story to tell and I can’t wait to hear yours.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a performer, a public speaker, presenter, artist or you’re looking for better communication skills so you’re not stuck hanging out by the bean dip, or in my case the sangria, this course is for you!

In this course you will learn:

  • Your own unique brand, voice and style
  • How to brainstorm story ideas
  • Finding your story
  • Writing the outline of your story
  • Writing skills that work
  • Essential presentation skills that work
  • How to find the right story using simple story mining techniques.
  • How to find your unique style of storytelling allowing your authentic self to shine through.
  • The do’s and don’t of storytelling

You will walk away with your first story and the framework to make further storytelling a cinch.


Why learn storytelling with Ally Lane ?

I live and breathe stories.I started telling stories from the moment I learned to speak. I was a compulsive liar.

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I started my professional career as a playwright, screenwriter, actor and performer.

Today I continue to perform and write, and run a successful event entertainment company producing over 1000 shows including live plays, videos, films and keynote speeches.

I am a best selling author including a ‘how to’ book on writing and my own best selling memoir. I love to teach and I have taught writing and acting for over 20 years.





Bonus material to adapt to global pandemic changes.

Why Stories work!

Lesson One- Investigating your unique genre

Lesson Two-What’s your brand?

Lesson Three- Know your audience

Lesson Four-Where do ideas come from?

Lesson Five- The Rule of 10

Lesson Six- Process of Elimination

Lesson Seven- Finding your Theme

Lesson Eight- The Importance of Characters

Lesson Nine- Creating your characters

Lesson Ten- Creating the story outline

Lesson Eleven- Mapping the outline

Lesson Twelve- The Dramatic Question (plot)

Lesson Thirteen- Putting it all together

Lesson Fourteen- Presentation Tips

Lesson Fifteen- Final Thoughts

Bonus material- new resources to help you publish your story during a pandemic.