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Using Python to program Arduino Development Board

What you will learn

You will also learn how to control the Arduino using Python, and how to use the various sensors and actuators connected to it.

You will learn how to set up your development environment, how to work with various types of sensors, and how to interface with different types of peripherals.

Learn how to use the Arduino IDE and Python to create basic scripts

Gain an understanding of how to use sensors and actuators with Python and Arduino

Walk away with the skillset necessary to begin creating your own instrumentation or control projects


This course is aimed at using python code to program an Arduino development board.

In this series, I will show how to

● Set up communication between python and Arduino serial port

● Control led using python code via Arduino serial port

● Display sensor data on the python terminal

● Upload sensor data to think speak using python code

● Display sensor data on the python terminal

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● Upload sensor data to thinkspeak using python code

What you will learn in this course:

  • What is python
  • How to install python from the Microsoft store
  • How to install python extension in visual studio code
  • How to install pyserial
  • How to communicate to the Arduino serial port using python code
  • How to install python,
  • How to install pyserial using PIP,
  • How to open the Serial Port using Python,
  • How to Configure Serial Port Parameters,
  • How to control RGB LED using Python,
  • How to Receive Senor data from Arduinousing python

Programming digital and analog pins. Intro to the Arduino IDE. Working with libraries and modules. Communicating with external hardware. Basic hardware interfacing. Interfacing Python to hardware devices. How to install a new library for your Arduino project. What is Python?

The Python programming language, including the use of variables and functions. You are using the Arduino IDE to program your Arduino. Writing and editing code for your Arduino project. Using the serial monitor to communicate with your Arduino. Working with the built-in libraries in the IDE. Connecting external hardware to your Arduino. Interfacing Python to external hardware devices.

This course will take about 92:03 minutes.

What we will achieve in this project:

  • Controlling of RGB LED using Python code.
  • Receiving Sensor data from LDR or Potentiometer in
  • Arduino using Python code.
  • Uploading sensor data received to think to speak.






Installation of software Requirements\

Installation of Software Requirements


project 1
Project 3


Setting Up
Project 1
Project 2