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Foundations of Web Development: CSS, Bootstrap, JS, React
How to Master Web Development: A Comprehensive Overview to CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and React for Beginners

What you will learn

Understand the role of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in shaping website designs.

Utilize CSS 3, the latest styling standard, to enhance website aesthetics and Seamlessly integrate CSS with HTML, incorporating the latest HTML 5 standards.

Create CSS classes from a beginner’s level, including HTML declarations, properties, and values.

Implement Bootstrap components such as alerts, badges, forms, breadcrumb, and labels.

Explore the Bootstrap grid system for responsive and streamlined layouts.

Navigate JavaScript basics, including functions, variables, and code integration with HTML pages.

Delve into the Document Object Model (DOM) and its role in JavaScript and Understand events, triggers, pattern matching, and text search within a page.

Understand the basics of React components and their role in building user interfaces.

Handle multiline components and dynamic values in React and Implement props for efficient data passing between React components.

Apply React skills through hands-on mini projects, including a useState counter project.


Essential Course for Beginners to Build Strong Foundations in Modern Web Development: A Comprehensive Journey into Web Design and Programming with CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and React

Have you ever marveled at the sleek designs of modern websites and wondered how they come to life? Enter Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the indispensable coding language for shaping a website’s layout and design. In this comprehensive course, we delve into the intricacies of CSS 3, the latest styling standard, packed with innovative properties and declarations to effortlessly elevate your website design. CSS seamlessly integrates with HTML, even with the cutting-edge HTML 5 standards, allowing you to craft interactive pages that captivate your audience.

Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Inclusion of CSS in HTML
  • CSS Syntax
  • Styling text with CSS
  • Page backgrounds with CSS
  • 2D and 3D transformations in CSS
  • CSS animations
  • And much more!

Section 2: Bootstrap Crash Course – Learn Bootstrap from Scratch

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Unlock the potential of Bootstrap with this crash course that covers the essentials of the Bootstrap grid system, alerts, badges, forms, breadcrumb navigation, labels, and more. Elevate your web development game with the power of Bootstrap, a front-end framework that streamlines the design process and enhances the responsiveness of your websites.

Section 3: JavaScript Programming Language – From Fundamentals to Real-world Applications

Embark on a journey to master the JavaScript programming language with this hands-on course. Designed for beginners, we start by laying a solid foundation in JavaScript fundamentals, programming principles, and user interaction. As we progress, you’ll seamlessly transition from the basics to real-life applications, preparing you for the challenges of the professional JavaScript development landscape.

Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • JavaScript fundamentals and programming
  • User interaction with JavaScript
  • Basics of JavaScript scripting
  • Handling events and triggers
  • Introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Advanced topics such as arrays, objects, scripting forms, and tables
  • Ajax for asynchronous calls to server-side scriptsSection 4- React Crash CourseWelcome to the React Crash Course, where we delve into the essentials of React, one of the most powerful and widely used JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces. This course is designed to provide you with a hands-on understanding of key React concepts, ensuring you can confidently create dynamic and responsive web applications.React Component:Understand the fundamental building block of React applications.Learn how to structure and create reusable components for your UIReact Props:Master the concept of props (properties) for passing data between React components.Explore best practices for maintaining a clean and efficient component hierarchy.React Props Project:Apply your knowledge by working on a hands-on project.Use React props to build a functional and engaging web application.And More… Thank you, see you Inside the course



CSS Introduction
CSS Basic Syntax
CSS Fonts
CSS Text
CSS Layers
CSS Links
CSS Lists
CSS Animation
CSS 2D Transform
CSS 3D Transform
CSS Color Introduction
CSS Colors 2
CSS Cursors
CSS Padding
CSS Positioning
CSS Dimensions
CSS Rounded Corners
CSS Visibility
CSS Scrollbars
CSS Selectors
CSS Background
CSS Gradient
CSS Images
CSS Borders

Bootstrap Crash Course

Bootstrap Environment Setup
Bootstrap Forms
Bootstrap Badges
Bootstrap Alerts
Bootstrap Breadcrumb
Bootstrap Button Groups
Bootstrap Buttons
Bootstrap List Groups
Bootstrap Labels
Bootstrap Grid System

JavaScript Crash Course

JavaScript Introduction
JavaScript Array
JavaScript Variables
JavaScript Conditional Statement Introduction
JavaScript If Else Statement.
JavaScript Iteration Statements
JavaScript for Loop
JavaScript While Loop
JavaScript Do..while loop
JavaScript Loop Control Statements
JavaScript Switch Statement
JavaScript Operators
JavaScript Logical Operators
JavaScript Comparison Operators
JavaScript Functions
JavaScript Events
JavaScript Error Handling
JavaScript Cookies
JavaScript Animation
JavaScript Objects
JavaScript Page Redirect.

React Crash Course

React Components And Templates
React Multiple Components.
React Dynamic Values
React useState Counter Project
React UseState Hook
React Props
React Adding Styles
React Props Project