Have you wanted to know about crystals and how to use them. In this quick session I discuss beautiful selenite.

What you will learn

What is the crystal selenite?

How can selenite be used

What is a crystal deva?

Receive and connect to the Lemurian unicorn realm to assist with planetary healing



My name is Carly Jane,

I am a spiritual teacher/mentor to others on their spiritual paths.   I have been guided by my spiritual teams, to put this available to you all as a free mini session.

I have been a crystal healer for the past 6 years, and love working with them, in all parts of my life. As crystals are such a large topic, I have started with my favourite selenite.  Selenite is very connected to the unicorns and angelic realms, so come with me on this journey and connect into you angelic and unicorns teams who will hold this sacred space for you.

We will be specifically working with the Lemurian Unicorns, who are assisting with the ascension process and are my favourite planetary light workers.

In this free, very brief course,

*  I share my love of the crystal selenite.

* How to work with it in your own way for healing and clearing your aura

* I talk about the crystal devas in the crystals and how to connect to them

* In the last and most important section I guide you on a journey to meet the planetary unicorns, who are assisting with the ascension and the healing of the Planet. They have guided me to ask you for their help with some healing.   ( For this please find some sacred space and enjoy with some headphones)

Thank you so much for joining in this free mini session.

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Much love and divine blessings to you,

Carly x






Get your selenite to hand for this session

Why work with selenite?

How can I use selenite?

Who are the crystal devas?

To understand and connect to the diva in the selenite crystal.

A meditation/activation with the unicorns and an invite to send healing out

A meditation to link to the selenite and a planetary unicorn.

A thank you

A thank you section